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Art, Myths and Visual Culture of South Asia

Balcerowicz, Piotr [Hrsg.]:
Art, Myths and Visual Culture of South Asia / ed. by Piotr Balcerowicz in collaboration with Jerzy Malinowski. - New Delhi : Manohar, 2011. - 320 S. : Ill., Kt. - (Warsaw indological studies series ; 4)
ISBN 978-81-7304-951-4
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Papers presented at the International Conference on Art and Visual Culture of India, held at Warsaw during 18-19 April 2008.

The study of South Asian Art requires not only expert knowledge of an art historian, but also sound philological proficiency and cultural competence of an indologist. This calls for a close cooperation of specialists in both fields. The present volume of interdisciplinary character is just this: a solid exemplification of this vital principle.
   The volume presents a collection of stimulating and inspiring papers linked by a common theme which incorporates various aspects of art, religion, myths, parables, symbols, literature and visual culture of the region of South Asia. The researchers' interests go, in certain aspects, far beyond the geographical boundaries of South Asia and reach out to South-East Asia and even to Europe and Far East, revealing close cultural linkages and influences. The collection offers an entirely new material which explores a range of important motives and themes concerned with the art and visual culture of the region of South Asia, and partially with South-East Asia.
   The authors examine a wide range of aspects of South Asian art, including sculpture, painting and decorative art, related to religious practice, temple consecration rituals, mythology and cult eroticism, politics and power as well as the history and spread of artistic and mythological motives from South Asia to other parts of the world.

Preface. 5
Table of transcription of Sanskrit terms. 13
Note on Contributors. 15
1. Barbara Grabowska:
Acts of Master Viśvakarman in Bengali Poems. 21
2. Monika Zin:
The Parable of "The Man in the Well": Its Travels and its Pictorial Traditions from Amaravati to Today. 33
3. Piotr Balcerowiz:
The Body and the Cosmos in Jaina Mythology and Art. 95
4. Silke K. Yasmin Fischer:
The Spread of Buddhism from India to Sri Lanka: Its Visual Representation. 153
5. Anna Slaczka:
Temple Consecreation Rituals in the Hindu Tradition of South and South-East Asia: A Study of the Textual and Archaeological Evidence. 167
6. David Smith:
Facial Expression in the Erotic Art of Khajurāho: A Preliminary Investigation. 183
7. Valdas Jaskunas:
Building Visual Order in Kashmir : Analysis of Architectural Structures as Described in the Viṣṇu-dharmottara-purāṇa. 203
8. Samir Kumar Mukherjee:
Terracotta Art in the Gangetic Valley under the Guptas. 231
9. M. Singh, R. S. Trambake and D. A. Gupta:
Chemical Conservation of Hinayana Paintings of the 2nd BCE, Cave No. 10 Ajanta. 251
10. Asoka De Zoyza:
Reading Images and Interpreting the Context: Differentiating Between Iconography and Iconology According to Erwin Panofsky's Three Phase Analysis. 260
General Index. 293
Appendix: List of Illustrations and Colour Plates. 299

PIOTR BALCEROWICZ, Professor, Chair of South Asian Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw. Homepage.

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