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Tibetan Art and Architecture

Lo Bue, Erberto [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Tibetan Art and Architecture in Context : PIATS 2006, Proceedings of the Eleventh Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Königswinter 2006 / Erberto Lo Bue and Christian Luczanits (Editors). - Andiast : International Institute for Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, 2011. - XIII, 406 S. : Ill., graph. Darst. - (Beiträge zur Zentralasienforschung ; 20)
ISBN 978-3-88280-089-0
EUR 72,50
DDC: 709.515

Foreword / Erberto Lo Bue & Christian Luczanits. vii
1. Reinhard Herdick:
The Historical Architecture of the Trandruk Temple in the Yar lung Valley of Tibet. 1
2. Eva Allinger:
Considerations on the Development of the Representation of the Buddha’s Life in Early Tibetan Thangkas. 27
3. Amy Heller:
Preliminary Remarks on the Donor Inscriptions and Iconography of an 11th-century Mchod rten at Tholing. 43
4. Christiane Papa-Kalantari:
Courtly Cavaliers, Mounted Heroes and Pehar: New Issues in the Iconography and Iconology of Protector Deities in Early Western Himalayan Art. 75
5. Helmut F. Neumann & Heidi A. Neumann:
An Early Wall Painting of a Bhaiṣajyaguru Maṇḍala in Western Tibet. 121
6. Kurt Tropper:
Inscriptions and Captions in the Gu ru Lha khang at Nako, Kinnaur. 143
7. Melissa R. Kerin:
Visual Evidence for 'Bri gung Activity at Nako, Kinnaur. 175
8. Olaf Czaja:
The Commemorative Stupas at Densathil a Preliminary Study. 197
9. Christian Luczanits:
Mandalas of Mandalas: The Iconography of a Stupa of Many Auspicious Doors for Phag mo gru pa. 281
10. Ursula Toyka-Fuong:
Three Tibeto-Chinese Mandala Paintings of Around 1442. 311
11. Federica Venturi:
Reconstructing Sakya: Written Sources, Photographic Archives and Fieldwork. 335
12. Erberto Lo Bue:
The Śambhala Murals in the Klu khang and Their Historical Context. A Preliminary Report. 353
13. Jakob Winkler:
The Dbu yab pho brang in the Nor bu gling ga and Its Connection with the Murals of the Klu khang Behind the Potala. 375
14. Ingrid Kreide-Damani:
An Unusual Highlight in Trade in Tibetan Art: A 20th-century Thangka of Shangs pad, Protector of the Dge ldan byams pa gling Monastery at Chamdo in the Province of Dagyab in Kham, Eastern Tibet. 393

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