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Art in Tibet

Lo Bue, Erberto [Hrsg.]
Art in Tibet : issues in traditional Tibetan Art from the seventh to the twentieth century ; PIATS 2003: Tibetan studies: Proceedings of the tenth seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies, Oxford, 2003 / ed. by Erberto F. Lo Bue. - Leiden : Brill, 2011. - XI, 240, [97] S. : Ill., Kt. - (Brill’s Tibetan studies library ; 10/13)
ISBN 978-90-04-15519-0 (Printausg.)
ISBN 978-90-04-21654-9 (eBook)
EUR 121,00 / US$ 166,00
DOI: 10.1163/ej.9789004155190.1-348
DDC: 709.515

This volume deals with specific issues related to Tibetan art, ranging from the earliest Buddhist buildings in central, southern and eastern geocultural Tibet up to the artistic traditions flourishing in the 20th century. The papers are arranged following the chronology of the sites or the themes taken into consideration in the first part and logical criteria in the latter part. Illustrated with numerous black-and-white pictures and 32 pages of colour plates, its contents are of special interest to scholars and specialists, while a large part is accessible to non-specialists, too, which makes the book useful also to university students interested in the subject as well as amateurs of Tibetan art. [Verlagsinformation]

Preliminary Material
List of Illustrations
Erberto Lo Bue:
Foreword. 1
Cameron David Warner:
A Prolegomenon To The Palladium Of Tibet, The Jowo (Jo Bo) Śākyamuni. 13
André Alexander:
Rme Ru Rnying Pa, An Extant Imperial-Period Chapel In Lhasa. 31
Christian Luczanits:
On The Iconography Of Tibetan Scroll Paintings (Thang Ka) Dedicated To The Five Tathāgatas. 49
Eva Allinger:
Thang Kas Dedicated To The Vajradhātumaṇḍala. Questions Of Stylistic Connections. 65
Helmut F. Neumann and Heidi A. Neumann:
The Wall Paintings Of The Mgon Khang Of Lcang Sgang Kha. 75
Michael Henss:
Liberation From The Pain Of Evil Destinies: The Giant Appliqué Thang Kas (Gos Sku) At Gyantse (Rgyal Rtse Dpal ’Khor Chos Sde). 85
Irmgard Mengele:
New Discoveries About The Life Of Chos Dbyings Rdo Rje, The Tenth Karma Pa Of Tibet (1606-1674). 103
Gabrielle Yablonsky:
The Scarcely Known Temple Of Maṇi Lha Khang, Dechen County, Central Tibet: A Possible Bka’ Gdams Pa Foundation? 111
Sarah E. Fraser:
Sha Bo Tshe Ring, Zhang Daqian And Sino-Tibetan Cultural Exchange, 1941-1943: Defining Research Methods For A Mdo Regional Painting Workshops In The Medieval And Modern Periods. 127
Dralha Dawa Sangpo:
A Survey Report On A Carved Stone Tibetan “Go” Board: Newly Found Evidence Of The Tibetan Culture Of “Go”. 149
Tenpa Rabten:
A Brief Discussion Of The Origin And Characteristics Of The Decorative Design On Tibetan Rlung Rta (Prayer Flags). 163
Zara Fleming:
The Ritual Significance Of Zan Par. 173
John Clarke:
Non-Sculptural Metalworking In Eastern Tibet 1930-2003. 183
Shunzo Onoda:
De’u Dmar Dge Bshes’s Method Of Compounding Colours: Lac-Dye Brown, Vermilion Brown And The Colours Derived From Them. 195
Kimiaki Tanaka:
On The Tradition Of The Vairocanābhisambodhi-Sūtra And The Garbhamaṇḍala In Tibet. 205
Serinity Young:
The Buddhist Discourse On Gender In Tibetan Medical Iconography. 215
Sjoerd De Vries:
A Present From The Tzar. 225
Knud Larsen:
A Newly-Discovered Old Perspective Drawing Of Lhasa. 237
List Of Plates. 247

ERBERTO LO BUE obtained his Ph.D. in 1981 at SOAS (University of London) and is now Associate Professor at Bologna University. Most of his publications - including two books on Gyantse - are related to Tibetan, Newar and Indian art. Profile page.

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