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Mengele: Riding a Huge Wave of Karma

Mengele, Irmgard:
Riding a Huge Wave of Karma : the Turbulent Life of the Tenth Karma-pa / Irmgard Mengele. - Kathmandu : Vajra Publications, 2012. - XVII, 446 S. : Ill., Kt.
Hochschulschrift. Teilw. zugl.: Hamburg, Univ., Diss., 2005
ISBN 978-9937-506-87-8
INR. 1969,00 (Bookadda)
US$ 35,00 (Vajra Bookshop)
US$ 85,00 (Vedams Books)
DDC: 294.3923092

An extensive and detailed study of the life and teachings of the Tenth Karmapa, Chosbying Dorje [Chos-dbyiṅs-rdo-rje] (1604-1674), one of the greatest artists and religious leaders of seventeenth century Tibet. His early life was far from easy and his unorthodox lifestyle freed him to devote more time to his artistic pursuits.
   Among the many lineages of reincarnated lamas that have flourished in Tibet, the Karmapas were the oldest. And among the seventeen Black Hat Karmapas that have so far graced our world, few have led lives as diverse and fascinating as the Tenth Karmapa.

Prologue. ix
Acknowledgments. xv
1. Childhood (1604-1606). 3
2. Coming Under the Control of lCags-mo Gushri. 23
3. The First Journey to Central Tibet and Early Studies (Autumn 1614~Spring 1615). 59
4. Years of Travel and Further Studies (1615-1620). 83
5. Full Ordination and Pilgrimage. 119
6. Illness and Death of the Sixth Zhwa-dmar (1629-1630). 149
7. Years of Great Disaster (1640-1645). 181
8. The Years in Exile. 199
9. Final Years. 245
Conclusion. 263
Chronological Table of the Tenth Karma-pa's Life. 271
A Brief Summary ofthe Political Background. 277
The Karma-pa's Attendant, Kun-tu-bzang-po. 287
Previous Research by Western Scholars. 291
Sources on the Life of the Tenth Karma-pa. 297
   Main Tibetan Sources. 299
Appendices. 325
   Appendix A: Surviving Works of Art. 325
   Appendix B: Artwork Mentioned in Biographical and Other Sources. 371
   Appendix C: Writings of the Tenth Karma-pa. 393
   Appendix D: Education. 403
   Appendix E: Teachings Given by the Tenth Karma-pa. 413
Bibliography 419
Index. 429

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IRMGARD MENGELE, visiting research fellow in the Department of Religious Studies. University of California at Santa Barbara. Also teaching at the University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles. Profile page (University of Philosophical Research); Staff, UC Santa Barbara.

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