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White Lama

Veenhof, Douglas:
White Lama : the life of tantric yogi Theos Bernard, Tibet’s lost emissary to the New World / Douglas Veenhof. - New York : Harmony Books, 2011. - 466 S. : Ill.
ISBN 978-0-385-51432-3
US$ 27,50 (Print-Ausg.)
ISBN 978-0-307-72082-5
US$ 13,99 (Ebook)
DDC: 294.3923092

After years of forcibly stopping foreigners at the borders, the leaders of Tibet opened the doors to their kingdom in 1937 for Theos Bernard. He was the third American to set foot in Tibet and the first American ever initiated into Tantric practices by the highest lama in Tibet. When Bernard left that sacred land, he was sent home with fifty mule loads of priceless, essential Buddhist scriptures from government and monastery vaults. Bernard brought these writings to America, where he achieved celebrity as a spiritual master. Appearing four times on the cover of the largest-circulation magazine of the day, befriending some of the most famous figures of his era, including Charles Lindbergh, Lowell Thomas, Ganna Walska, and W. Y. Evans-Wentz, and working with legendary editor Maxwell Perkins, the charismatic and controversial “White Lama” introduced a new vision of life and spiritual path to American culture before mysteriously disappearing in the Himalayas in 1947.
   Biography, travel and adventure, a history of Tibet’s opening to the West, and the story of Buddhism and Yoga’s arrival in America, White Lama: The Life of Tantric Yogi Theos Bernard, Tibet’s Lost Emissary to the West is the first work to tell his groundbreaking story in full and is a narrative that thrills from beginning to end.
   Includes 15 photographs shot in Tibet in 1937 by Theos Bernard, part of a collection that has been described as the best photographic record of Tibet in existence. [Verlagsinformation]

Introduction. 1
1. Out of a clear sky. 7
2. The philosopher's dance. 28
3. The pageant of India. 56
4. Kalimpong. 71
5. Gyantse. 106
6. Gates of the Forbidden city. 138
7. The pilgrim's welcome. 152
8. Living ritual. 178
9. The hermit's blessing. 196
10. The treasure of Padmasambhava. 228
11. Ambassador of Shangri-La. 260
12. Tibetland. 301
13. Gone to the other side. 334
Epilogue. 382
Notes. 399
Acknowledgments. 453
Index. 457.

DOUGLAS VEENHOF is a former mountain guide and an award-winning journalist. He has been practicing and studying Buddhism and Yoga for nearly forty years. Facebook profile; Twitter account.

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