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Passi, Alessandro [u.a.] (Hrsg.):
Devī-Māhātmya : il ms. 4510 della Biblioteca civica "Vincenzo Joppi" di Udine / a cura di Alessandro Passi, contributi di Cinzia Pieruccini e Elena Preda, nota biobibliografica di Fausto Freschi, presentazione di Gianfranco Fiaccadori. - Udine : Società Indologica "Luigi Pio Tessitori", 2008. - 492 S. - (Bibliotheca Indica : Monumenta ; 1).
ISBN 978-88-96304-00-6 / 88-96304-00-8
EUR 32,00

This book is a complete edition of the lovely illuminated MS bought by Luigi Pio Tessitori in his travels in Rajasthan at the beginning of the 20th Century. Pages 183 to 492 of the volume give the English translation of the introduction and art-historical essays, the English translation of the main texts contained in the MS. (initial Aṅgas, Devī-Māhātmya, & Laghu-Stotra), followed by a complete normalized and annotated Sanskrit text, and an annotated diplomatic transliteration of the same. The Sanskrit text and the diplomatic transliteration have been published only in English and do not have an Italian counterpart in the first part of the book. [M. Franceschini]

Quellen: Veröffentlichungsankündigung von M. Franceschini, Mailing-Liste "Indology", 29. April 2009