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Helman-Ważny: Archaeology of Tibetan Books

Helman-Ważny, Agnieszka:
The Archaeology of Tibetan Books / by Agnieszka Helman-Ważny. - Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014. - XVIII, 311 S. : Ill. - (Brill's Tibetan Studies Library ; 36 )
ISBN 978-90-04-27504-1
EUR 103,00 / US$ 134,00
DOI: 10.1163/9789004275058
DDC: 002.09515

In Archaeology of Tibetan Books, Agnieszka Helman-Ważny explores the varieties of artistic expression, materials, and tools that have shaped Tibetan books over the millennia. Digging into the history of the bookmaking craft, the author approaches these ancient texts primarily through the lens of their artistry, while simultaneously showing them as physical objects embedded in pragmatic, economic, and social frameworks. She provides analyses of several significant Tibetan books—which usually carry Buddhist teachings—including a selection of manuscripts from Dunhuang from the 1st millennium C.E., examples of illuminated manuscripts from Western and Central Tibet dating from the 15th century, and fragments of printed Tibetan Kanjurs from as early as 1410. This detailed study of bookmaking sheds new light on the books' philosophical meanings. [Verlagsinformation]

Acknowledgements. ix
List of Illustrations. xi
1. Introduction. 1
2. Methods: An Uneasy Alliance of Science and History. 12
3. Tibetan Books: A Craft and Artistry. 47
4. Indigo, Gold, and Human Blood: Tibetan Illuminated Manuscripts. 76
5. Tibetan Woodblock Printing Culture. 116
6. A Survey of Tibetan Paper. 179
7. Conservation. 201
Appendix 1: Selected Items from the Tibetan Collections of the British Library. 225
Appendix 2: Features of Paper in Selected Sets of Tibetan Kanjur. 252
Appendix 3: Transcription of the Yongle Covers Inscriptions. 262
Appendix 4: Selected Items from the Tibetan Collection of the Berlin State Library. 265
Appendix 5: Selected Items from the Tibetan Collection of the Library of Congress, Washington dc, the Asian Reading Room. 276
Bibliography. 288
Index. 299


AGNIESZKA HELMAN-WAŻNY, Ph.D. (2007) is a Research Associate at the University of Arizona and University of Hamburg. Her research focuses on the history of paper and books in Tibet and Central Asia and developing methods for their examination and conservation. profile.

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Bildquelle: Brill
Bibliographie: [1]


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