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Studies on Buddhist Myths

Wang, Bangwei [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
佛教神话研究 Fojiao shenhua yanjiu : 文本、图像、传说与历史 wenben, tuxiang, chuanshuo yu lishi = Studies on Buddhist Myths : Texts, Pictures, Traditions and History / ed. by Bangwei WANG, Jinhua CHEN, and Ming CHEN. - 上海 Shanghai : 中西書局 Zhongxi Book Company, 2013.
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DDC: 294.333

This volume comprises nineteen articles presented to an international conference on Buddhist mythology held in Beijing in August 2010, co-sponsored by the Department of South Asian Studies, Peking University and UBC Tzu-chi Buddhist Forum. Except for six articles (by John S. Strong, Peter Skilling, Charles Willemen, Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp, Jinhua Chen, and James Robson), all articles are in Chinese. [H-Buddhism].

WANG Bangwei:
Preface. I
Institutions or Affiliations of the Contributors. I
WANG Bangwei:
[Dārṣṭāntikas and the Application of Story Telling in Buddhist Literature] (chines.). 1
John S. Strong:
When Are Miracles Okay? The Story of Piṇḍola and the Kevaddha Sutta Revisited. 13
Peter Skilling:
Did the Buddhists Believe Their Narratives? Desultory Remarks on the very Idea of Buddhist Mythology. 45
Charles Willemen:
New Bodhisattvas and Tathāgatas. 77
Duan Qing:
[The Model of Buddhist Myth seen in Zaoxiang Gongde Jing] (chines.). 83
Yang Fuxue:
[Uygur Buddhism and Indian Epic Rāmayāna] (chines.). 103
Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp:
On the Edge of Myth and History: Za hor, its Place in the History of Early Indian Buddhist Tantra, and Dalai Lama V and the Genealogy of its Royal Family. 114
[Buddhapāla, Dam pa sangs rgyas and Bodhidharma] (chines.). 165
Liu Zhen:
[Tales of the Nine-colored Deer in Buddhist Literature and Art] (chines.). 177
Chen Ming:
[Names of Indian Gods and Goddesses in the Translations by Yijing: Cultural Cognizance and Selection of the Words] (chines.). 193
Liang Liling:
[Omen of Dream in Chinese Buddha's Biographies] (chines.). 216
Fan Muyou:
[Further Remarks on Ṛṣyaśṛṅga and Monk Yueming] (chines.). 231
Imre Hamar:
[Miraculous Stories about the Avatamṣaka-sūtra in the Huayan exegetical tradition] (chines.). 238
Jinhua Chen:
[Fact and Fiction: The Creation of the “Third Chan Patriarch” and His Legends] (chines.). 249
James Robson:
Composite Compositions: Chinese Buddhist Mythology and its Asian Connections. 300
Li Ling:
[Xuanzang and the Great God Shensha: A Pictorial Reflection of Esoteric Buddhism] (chines.). 317
Li Xiaorong:
[Buddhist Stories in Laozi’s Biography: A Case of Hunyuan Shenji] (chines.). 327
Li Yuzhen:
[The Belief in Avalokiteśvara as a Cakravarti-rāja in Bai Nationality of Yunnan] (chines.). 340
Wang Xiaoping:
[Supernatural Hallucination in Japanese Buddhist Biographies: A Case from Honchō Shinsen Den] (chines.). 357

Bangwei WANG (王邦維), Professor, Department of South Asian Studies, Peking University (北京大学东方学研究院).
Jinhua CHEN, Professor of East Asian Buddhism, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Profile page.
Ming CHEN (陳明), Associate Professor, Department of South Asian Studies, Peking University (北京大学东方学研究院).

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