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Hallisey, Charles [Übers.]:
Therigatha : Poems of the First Buddhist Women / translated by Charles Hallisey. - Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard University Press, 2015. - xli, 290 S. - (Murty Classical Library of India ; 3)
Einheitssachtitel: Therīgāthā <Pali, engl.>
ISBN 978-0-674-42773-0
US$ 29,95 / £ 22,95 / EUR 27,00
DDC: 294.38232
-- Angekündigt für Januar 2015 --

The Therīgāthā, composed more than two millennia ago, is an anthology of poems in the Pali language by and about the first Buddhist women. These women were therīs, the senior ones, among ordained Buddhist women, and they bore that epithet because of their religious achievements. The poems they left behind are arguably among the most ancient examples of women’s writing in the world and they are unmatched for their quality of personal expression and the extraordinary insight they offer into the lives of women in the ancient Indian past—and indeed, into the lives of women as such.
This new version of the Therīgāthā, based on a careful reassessment of the major editions of the work and printed in the Roman script common for modern editions of Pali texts, offers the most powerful and the most readable translation ever achieved in English. [Verlagsinformation]

Introduction. vii
   Reading the Therīgāthā as Poetry
   The Therīgāthā and the Pali Canon
   The Therīgāthā and Early Indian Buddhism
   Notes to the Introduction
Note on the Text and Translation. xxxvii
Poems of the First Buddhist Women
   Poems with One Verse. 2
   Poems with Two Verses. 18
   Poems with Three Verses. 30
   A Poem with Four Verses. 46
   Poems with Five Verses. 48
   Poems with Six Verses. 72
   Poems with Seven Verses. 92
   A Poem with Eight Verses. 102
   A Poem with Nine Verses. 106
   A Poem with Eleven Verses. 110
   A Poem with Twelve Verses. 116
   A Poem with Sixteen Verses. 122
   Poems with Twenty Verses. 128
   A Poem with about Thirty Verses. 182
   A Poem with about Forty Verses. 196
   The Great Chapter. 212
Abbreviations. 241
Notes to the Text. 243
Notes to the Translation

CHARLES HALLISEY is Yehan Numata Senior Lecturer on Buddhist Literatures at Harvard University. Profile page.

Quellen: Harvard University Press; Library of Congress; Bookbutler; WorldCat; Murty Classical Library
Bildquelle: Harvard University Press
Bibliographie: [1]


  1. Hallisey, Charles (2015).  Therigatha: Poems of the First Buddhist Women. Murty Classical Library of India; 3. xli, 290 S.