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Medical Encounters in British India

Kumar, Deepak [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Medical Encounters in British India / edited by Deepak Kumar, Raj Sekhar Basu. - New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2013. - ca. 360 S.
ISBN 978-0-19-808921-6
Rs. 875,00
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Health, medicine, and disease were integral to the colonial discourse in British India. It was a cauldron of several medical systems interacting with and influencing each other. Eschewing definite East-West binaries, this book highlights the intermingling of medical traditions in colonial India.
   Interrogating received ideas on medicine in colonial India, the book claims that this confluence of medical systems and traditions was neither uniform nor unidimensional. Though ridden with languages of dominance and hegemony, the exchange shaped and transformed both indigenous and Western medical systems.
   From public health policy to management of epidemics, from allopathy to humoral balance and the rise of homoeopathy, from indigenous medicines and the nationalist movement to non-governmental agencies and infanticide in British India, this book brings together different discourses on health that are central to the understanding of 'disease' in colonial India. [Verlagsinformation]

1. Deepak Kumar:
Probing History of Medicine and Public Health in India: A Study of Encounters at Multiple Sites
2. Jayanta Bhattacharya:
Anatomical Knowledge and East-West Exchange
3. Mark Harrison:
From Bazaar Medicine to Hospital Medicine: Calomel, India and the British Empire, c.1750-c.1800
4. David Arnold:
Dietetics, Mimesis, and Alterity: Food in Asian Medical Traditions and East-West Exchanges
5. Sunil Amrith:
Health and Sovereignty in the New Asia: The Decline and Rise of the Tropics
6. Dhrub Kumar Singh:
Cholera, Heroic Therapies, and Rise of Homoeopathy in Nineteenth-century India
7. Madhuri Sharma:
Knowing Health and Medicine: A Case Study of Benares, c.1900-1950
8. Raj Sekhar Basu:
Healing the Sick and the Destitute: Protestant Missionaries and Medical Missions in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Travancore
9. Mridula Ramanna:
A Mixed Record: Malaria Control in Bombay Presidency, 1900-1935
10. Bikramaditya K. Choudhary:
Vulnerability of Women to Bacillus: Myths and Reality in India (1890-1950)
11. Arabinda Samanta:
Negotiating Subalternity: Social Construction of Tuberculosis in Colonial and Post-colonial India
12. Indira Chowdhury:
'Delivering the "Murdered Child": Infanticide, Abortion and Contraception in Colonial India'
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Note on Contributors

DEEPAK KUMAR teaches history at Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has worked on different aspects of the interface between science and society in the context of British India and has published Science and the Raj (2006). Profile page.
RAJ SEKHAR BASU teaches history at University of Calcutta, Kolkata. He has worked extensively on Dalit history.

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