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Hospitals in Iran and India, 1500 - 1950s

Speziale, Fabrizio [Hrsg.]:
Hospitals in Iran and India, 1500 - 1950s / ed. by Fabrizio Speziale. - Leiden [u.a.] : Brill ; Paris : Institut Français de Recherche en Iran, 2012. - VIII, 243 S. : Ill. - (Iran studies ; 7) (Bibliotheque iranienne ; 74)
ISBN 978-90-04-22829-0
EUR 99,00 / US$ 136,00
DDC: 362.110954

This volume looks at hospitals in the post-medieval Indo-Iranian world from various perspectives. During the Safavid-Mughal periods hospitals were still tied to Avicennian medicine. However, in Qajar Iran and British India hospitals became important instruments for the spread of modern Western medicine. The papers in this volume present a significant panorama on the history of medicine and medical institutions in Iran and India during the early modern and the modern periods. The portrait that emerges is not homogeneous, but instead shows ambivalent and contrasting images. Hospitals can be seen as powerful symbols of the Muslim scientific civilization and then of modern medicine, nevertheless, they remained institutions relegated to the fringes of society – regarded with suspicion and usually reserved for the poor.
Contributors include: Cristiana Bastos, Willem Floor, Claudia Preckel, Omid Rezai, Fabrizio Speziale, Hasan Tadjbakhsh, Anna Vanzan

This book is copublished with the Institut Français de Recherche en Iran (IFRI) as no. 74 in the Bibliothéque Iranienne series. [Verlagsinformation]

Fabrizio Speziale:
Hasan Tadjbakhsh:
Hôpitaux et médecins avicenniens en Iran à l’époque safavide
Willem Floor:
Hospitals in Safavid and Qajar Iran: An Enquiry into Their Number, Growth and Importance
Omid Rezai:
Des particuliers au service du peuple. Le rôle des vaqf dans la fondation d’hôpitaux en Iran au début du XXe siècle
Cristiana Bastos:
Together and Apart: Catholic Hospitals in Plural Goa
Fabrizio Speziale:
Tradition et réforme du dār al-šifā au Deccan
Claudia Preckel:
Healing the People and the Princes: Hospitals, Ḥakīms and Doctors in Bhopal
Anna Vanzan:
Hamdard, How to Share Pain in a Muslim Way

Fabrizio Speziale, Ph.D. (2002), holds a CNRS Chair in Iranian studies at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3. He has published extensively on the history of medicine in the Indo-Persianate world including Soufisme, religion et médecine en Islam indien (Paris, 2010). Profile page.

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Speziale: Hospitals in Iran and India, 1500 - 1950s, 2012