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Colloquial and literary Tibetan

Nyima, Dagkar Namgyal (Brag-dkar rNam-rgyal Ñi-ma):
Colloquial and literary Tibetan : practical usage = Bod kyi phal skad daṅ yig skad dṅos su bed spyod gtor staṅs / Dagkar Namgyal Nyima. - Berlin : [Verfasser], 2008. - 674 S.
ISBN 978-3-00-026111-4
EUR 60,00 (Europa)
US$ 80,00 (Rest der Welt)

This is a textbook and lexicon dealinig with both colloquial and literary Tibetan, for intermediate and advanced students:
- Literary words that are not used in conversations are clearly indicated
- Synonyms are given for much of the vocabulary, along with instructions on how to use them in sentences
- This book contains over seven thousand examples, ranging from children's language to high philosophical expressions. A number of Tibetan proverbs and pieces of religious advice with hidden implications are also to be found among them.
- Terms are arranged by grammatical function (e.g. adjective, adverb etc.) and are presented in Tibetan alphabetical order.
- An English-Tibetan glossary serves as a useful aid for learning various terms and expressions and their meanings provided under the main entry for each word. It includes examples of phrases that make use of that word. It also serves as an index, helping the student to locate relevant information more easily. [Vom Buchumschlag]

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Quellen: Ligmincha Institute's Bookstore; E-Mail-Adresse des Verfassers
Schlagwörter: Tibetisch; Sprachwissenschaft; Tibet; Sprachlehrwerk