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Buddhism in the Shadow of Brahmanism

Bronkhorst, Johannes:
Buddhism in the Shadow of Brahmanism / Johannes Bronkhorst. - Leiden [u.a.] : Brill, 2011. - viii, 296 S. - (Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 2, South Asia ; 24)
ISBN 978-90-04-20140-8
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For many centuries Buddhism and Brahmanism coexisted in the Indian subcontinent. This book concentrates on the way in which the two, after an initial period of relative independence, confronted each other, both in and around the royal courts and in society at large. In this confrontation, Buddhism was strong in philosophical debate, but could not compete with Brahmanism in the services it could provide to the centres of political power, primarily ritual protection and practical advice. Buddhism evolved in both areas, providing practical advice to lay people and rulers from early Mahayana onward, and ritual protection in its Tantric developments. Some of these developments came too late, though, and could not prevent the disappearance of Buddhism from the subcontinent. [Verlagsinformation]

Preface. vii
1. Introduction: Buddhism before the new Brahmanism. 1
   1. 1The original context. 1
   1.2 Interactions. 6
   1.3 Imperial help. 12
2. Brahmanism. 27
   2.1 The new Brahmanism. 27
   2.2 The spread of Sanskrit. 42
   2.3 The brahmanical colonization of the past. 65
   2.4 The brahmanization of borrowed features. 74
3. Buddhism confronted with Brahmanism. 99
   3.1 A courtly challenge. 99
   3.2 Science and religion in classical India. 113
   3.3 A new language. 122
   3.4 Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit, the original language. 142
   3.5 Buddhism sanskritized, Buddhism brahmanized. 153
   3.6 Philosophical encounters. 170
   3.7 The relics of the Buddha. 193
   3.8 Adjustment to political reality. 230
References. 247
Abbreviations. 281
Index. 285.


JOHANNES BRONKHORST is professor of Sanskrit and Indian studies at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) since 1987. Doctorates: Pune (India, 1979), Leiden (Netherlands, 1980). Recent books: Greater Magadha (2007), Aux origines de la philosophie indienne (2008), Buddhist Teaching in India (2009). Profile page.

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