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Roth, Gustav [u.a.]:
Stupa : cult and symbolism / with contributions by Gustav Roth, Franz-Karl Ehrhard, Kimiaki Tanaka and Lokesh Chandra. - New Delhi : International Academy of Indian Culture and Aditya Prakashan, 2009. - 246 S. : Ill. - (Sata-pitaka series. Indo-Asian literatures ; vol. 624 = Śatapiṭakam)
ISBN 978-81-7742-084-5 / 81-7742-084-4
Rs. 1200.00
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Stupa as a monument, its symbolism, ritual and construction have been studied in modern scholarship for the last two hundred years. This volume reproduces a number of studies of Prof. Gustav Roth on its architectural details, philosophical concepts it embodies, its symbolic significance in a number of Sanskrit texts. The other minor writings of Roth include a long study of goldsmiths and artists in Jain and Chinese texts besides their representations at Bharhut, Udayagiri and Khandagiri. Roth discusses the nativity of Jesus Christ in relation to the birth of Gosala Mankhaliputta in a cowshed. The symbols of a trident and dharmacakra on Maccabee coins of Judea are revealing. The parallels between Indic texts and the New Testament pointed out by Roth are striking and deserve further research. Prof. Franz-Karl Ehrhard of Muenchen (Germany) deals with Svayambhunath in Tibetan texts. Prof. Kimiaki Tanaka identifies the iconography of Haripur (Orissa) with the Mayajala-tantra. Prof. Lokesh Chandra discusses the nature of the Borobudur as a Sumeru for the Vajradhatu-mandala, while its several levels pertain to different sutras that finally culminated in the Vajradhatu system. The volume is rich in new material and fresh interpretations of the stupa which was central to the Buddhist conceptual world, so much so that the present Chinese currency note of 1 yuan issued in 1999 shows stupas in the waters of oceanic consciousness. [Vom Buchumschlag]

Lokesh Chandra: Foreword
1.Gustav Roth: Symbolism of the Buddhist stūpa
2. Gustav Roth: Stūpa-lakṣaṇa-kārikā-vivecana
3. Gustav Roth: Remarks on the Stūpa-lakṣaṇa-kārikā-vivecana
4. Gustav Roth: Caitya-lakṣaṇa-vidhi
5. Gustav Roth: Bemerkungen zum Stūpa des Kṣemaṅkara
6. Gustav Roth: Legends of craftsmen in Jaina literature
7. Gustav Roth: Notes about the dates of Gautama Buddha's parinirvāṇa in Hindi writings
8. Gustav Roth: Nachtrag zur Edition des Bhikṣuṇī-Vinaya der Ārya-Mahāsāṃghika-Lokottaravādin
9. Gustav Roth: Gosāla Maṅkhaliputta's birth in a cow-stall including notes on a parallel in the Gospel of Luke 2
10. Gustav Roth: Impact of Indo-Greek coins on Maccabee coins in Judea
11. Gustav Roth: Ernst Waldschmidt (1897-1985)
12. Gustav Roth: Aniconic and iconic tendencies in Jainism, Judaism, and Christianity
13. Franz-Karl Ehrhard: Old and new Tibetan sources concerning Svayambhūnāth
14. Kimiaki Tanaka: Four Buddha statues from Haripur
15. Lokesh Chandra: The hidden base in the cosmosophy of the Borobudur

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