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India's Immortal Comic Books

McLain, Karline:
India's Immortal Comic Books : Gods, Kings, and Other Heroes / Karline McLain. - Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 2009. - xiii, 240 S. : Ill. - (Contemporary Indian Studies)
ISBN 978-0-253-35277-4
US$ 65,00 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-0-253-22052-3
US$ 24,95 (Paperback)

Combining entertainment and education, India's most beloved comic book series, Amar Chitra Katha, or "Immortal Picture Stories," is also an important cultural institution that has helped define, for several generations of readers, what it means to be Hindu and Indian. Karline McLain worked in the ACK production offices and had many conversations with Anant Pai, founder and publisher, and with artists, writers, and readers about why the comics are so popular and what messages they convey. In this intriguing study, she explores the making of the comic books and the kinds of editorial and ideological choices that go into their production. [Verlagsinformation]

Notes on Style
Introduction: Comic Books that Radiate a Spiritual Force
1. The Father of Indian Comic Books
2. Long-Suffering Wives and Self-Sacrificing Queens
3. Accurately Sequencing Goddess Durga's Mythology
4. The Warrior-King Shivaji in History and Mythology
5. Muslims as Secular Heroes and Zealous Villains
6. Mahatma Gandhi as a Comic Book Hero
Conclusion. The Global Legacy of Amar Chitra Katha


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Karline McLain is Assistant Professor of Religion at Bucknell University. Faculty profile.

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