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New Dimensions in Tamil Epigraphy

Murugaiyan, Appasamy [Hrsg.]:
New Dimensions in Tamil Epigraphy : Select Papers from the Symposia held at EPHE-SHP, Paris in 2005, 2006 and a Few Invited Papers / ed. with an introduction by Appasamy Murugaiyan. - Chennai : Cre-A Publishers, 2012. - xvi, 354 S. : Ill., Kt.
ISBN 978-81-921302-4-8
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US$ 24,00 (Cre-A Publ.)
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The Indian subcontinent, like the Roman and Greek civilizations, is a civilization of epigraphy. The mass of Tamil inscriptions of more than two millennia dating from the third century BCE testifes to the Tamil epigraphic culture. These inscriptions constitute one of the most important sources for a better understanding of the historical, cultural and social evolution of the past.
   As a body of data, the corpus of Tamil inscriptions is heterogeneous, and the range of historical and social issues they illuminate is extensive. This volume contains fourteen papers interpreting the Tamil epigraphs through several related elds: archaeology, history, history of art, linguistics, philology and social anthropology. Such a multidisciplinary approach is attempted for the rst time with contributions from both renowned scholars and young scholars. [Verlagsinformation]

1. Daud Ali:
The epigraphical legacy at Gangaikondacholapuram: problems and possibilities
2. Y. Subbarayalu:
Conception and understanding of some technical terms in Tamil inscriptions
3. Osmund Bopearachchi:
Andhra-Tamilnadu and Sri Lanka: Early Buddhist sculptures of Sri Lanka
4. Charlotte de Percin-Sernet
Why does Caṇḍeśa sport a jaṭābhāra?
5. Virginie Gazon:
Iconographic programme during the reign of the Chola queen, Sembiyaṉ Mahādēvi
6. Rachel Loizeau:
The Nāganātheśvara temple at Māṉambāḍi: a Chola monument dedicated to the glory of Śiva and His devotees
7. Bernard Gratuze and Sarah Guillaume:
Analysis of Tamil Nadu glass beads: application to the study of inland glass trade
8. S. Suresh:
Epigraphical evidences for the Roman trade and Roman artifacts in ancient India - with special reference to South India
9. Iravatham Mahadevan:
Messengers of trade and faith: ancient poetry inscriptions from Sri Lanka found in India: an annotated and illustrated catalogue
10. K. Rajan and V. P. Yatheeskumar:
Cultural transformation from iron age to early historic times: a case study of the Vaigai river valley, Tamil Nadu
11. Tiziana Leucci:
South Indian temple dancers: 'Donated' to the deity & 'Donors' for the deity: two tamil inscriptions on music and dance in the Rājarājeśvara temple at Tañjavūr (11th century)
12. Zoé E. Headley:
Of dangerous guardians and contested hierarchies: an ethnographic reading of a south indian copper plate
13. Christiane Pilot-Raichoor:
Tamil-Brahmi inscriptions: a critical landmark in the history of the Dravidian languages
14. Appasamy Murugaiyan:
Hero stone inscriptions in Tamil (450-650 CE): Text to meaning: a functional perspective

APPASAMY MURUGAIYAN, enseignant-chercheur à l'EPHE, UMR 7528 Mondes iranien et indien. Profile page.

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