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Language Atlas of South Asia

Osada, Toshiki [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Language Atlas of South Asia : Indus project, Research Institute for Humanities and Nature, Kyoto / ed. by Toshiki Osada and Masayuki Onishi. - Columbia, Mo : South Asia Books (Distr. for Department of South Asian Studies, Harvard University), 2012. - x, 164 S. - (Harvard Oriental Series : Opera minora ; 8)
ISBN 978-1-888789-09-6
US$ 25,00 (South Asia Books)
US$ 99,75 (Amazon)
DDC: 409.540223; 306.44609540223

This volume is the outcome of research carried out by the Indus Project of the national Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) at Kyoto.
   This Atlas is published to advance the research on modern languages in South Asia, which is not very active at present and lacks complete and thorough language descriptions. Additional books are planned describing some of the major South Asia languages.
   The maps and tables presented in this book use data available from Censuses and other sources covering different parts of South Asia, such as: British India (1931), Republic of India (1961-2001), Provinces of East and West Pakistan (1961), Islamic Republic of Pakistan (1998), People's Republic of Bangladesh (1974, 2001), Kingdom of Nepal (2001), Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (1981, 2001), Republic of the Maldives (2006), Kingdom of Bhutan (2001), The World Atlas of Language Structures (2005) Ethnologue 16th edition (2009). [South Asia Books]

OSADA, Toshiki (長田俊樹), Research Institute for Humanities and Nature, Kyoto. Profile page.
ONISHI, Masayuki (大西正幸), Research Institute for Humanities and Nature, Kyoto.

Quellen: South Asia Books; Amazon; CiNii. Bildquelle: University of Texas Libraries [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Osada/Onishi: Language Atlas of South Asia, 2012