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Scientific Literature in Sanskrit

Sarma, Sreeramula Rajeswara [Hrsg.]:
Scientific Literature in Sanskrit / ed. by S. R. Sarma and Gyula Wojtilla. - Delhi : Motilal Banarsidass, 2011. - xiv, 235 S. : Ill. - (Papers of the 13th World Sanskrit Conference ; 1)
ISBN 978-81-208-3530-6 / 81-208-3530-1
Rs. 750,00
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David Pingree and G. Jan Meulenbeld have made us aware of the enormous volume and the astonishing diversity of Sanskrit literature on Jyotiḥśāstra and Āyurveda respectively through their monumental works, Census of the Exact Science and History of Indian Medical Literature. Literature on other scientific subjects, though not so stupendous, is still very large. This rich diversity of Sanskrit scientific literature is reflected in the papers presented in Section 8 on Scientific Literature of the 13th World Sanskrit Conference, held at Edinburgh on 10-14 July 2006, which are collected in this volume. These ten papers cover a wide spectrum of areas like astronomy, mathematics, divination, alchemy, gemmology, musicology and perfumery. [Verlagsinformation]

The Notion of Proof in Indian Science
A Comparative Study of the Procedures of three Astronomers of the Early Sixteenth Century: Copernicus, Nilakantha Somayaji and Ganesa Daivajna
Why did Sanskrit Mathematics ignore Asakrt Methods?
4. Sreeramula RAJESWARA SARMA:
Yantraraja at Edinburgh: On a Sanskrit Astrolabe made for Manirama in AD 1644
5. Amrit GOMPERTS:
The Muhurtalaksana: A Brief Text on Time of Day, Gnomonic Shadow and Divination from Java, Compared to the Inscriptions and the Sanskrit Atmajyotisa
6. Martin GANSTEN:
Nadi Divination and Indian, Astrology
7. Vijaya DESHPANDE:
Beliefs, Aspirations and Accomplishments of the Medieval Indian Alchemist as depicted in the Rasopanisad
8. Gyula WOJTILLA:
Ratnasastra in Kautilya's Arthasastra
9. Makoto KITADO:
The Body of the Musician: Embryology and Anatomy in the Indian Musicological Literature
10. James MCHUGH:
The Art and Science of Perfumery in the Nagarasarvasva

S. R. SARMA was formerly professor of Sanskrit at Aligarh Muslim University; after retirement he has been the editor of the Indian Journal of History of Science and visiting professor at Kyoto University, Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, and Harvard University. The focus of his research is on the history of mathematics, astronomy and astronomical instruments in India. His recent publications include The Archaic and the Exotic: Studies in the History of Indian Astronomical Instruments (2008).
GYULA WOJTILLA is Prof. of Ancient History at the Univ. of Szeged, Hungary, and a member of the consultative committee of the International Association of Sanskrit Studies. He has written extensively on Sanskrit philology, Indian history and culture, and the history of agriculture in India. He has also translated into Hungarian Sanskrit texts like Kalyana-malla's Kuttanimata and Dandin's Dasakumaracarita.

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