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Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual ... Vol. 2

Michaels, Axel [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual / ed. by Angelos Chaniotis ; Silke Leopold ; Hendrik Schulze ... - Vol. 2: Body, Performance, Agency and Experience. Including an E-Book version in PDF format on CD. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2010. - VIII, 583 S. + CD-ROM.
ISBN 978-3-447-06202-2
EUR 98,00
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DDC: 390.095

Held in Heidelberg from September 29 to October 2, 2008 by the collaborative research center SFB 619 "Ritual Dynamics" , the international conference "Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual" assembled most of the leading experts on rituals studies and more than 600 participants for the purpose of reassessing the traditional subject in view of the latest research. The results, which are presented in five volumes (see below), are pathbreaking for future transcultural, interdisciplinary and multi methodical research on rituals. The convention was marked by the broad range of disciplines and the corresponding diversity of methods. It embraced a tremendous variety of topics in terms of cultural geography and spanned a time horizon from the antiquity to the present. The proceedings show how broadly the term ritual can be defined, as well as the conditions, modes and functions of ritual actions in different cultures of the present and past. One of the most important conclusions of the conference is that there cannot be "one single" model for rituals and that interdisciplinary collaborations are the key to research on rituals. This also includes the development and use of creative research methods. [Verlagsinformation]

Edited by Angelos Chaniotis
Angelos Chaniotis:
Introduction: Debating Ritual Agency. 3
Alexis Sanderson:
Ritual for Oneself and Ritual for Others. 9
Thomas Widlok:
What is the Value of Rituals? Effects of Complexity in Australian Rituals and Beyond. 21
Christian Meyer:
Performing Spirits: Shifting Agencies in Brazilian Umbanda Rituals. 35
Claudia Weber:
Prescribed Agency – A Contradiction in Terms? Differences between the Tantric adhikāra Concept and the Sociological Term of Agency. 59
Edited by Silke Leopold and Hendrik Schulze
Andrea Taddei:
Memory, Performance, and Pleasure in Greek Rituals. 87
Reinhard Strohm:
Memories of Ancient Rituals in Early Opera. 109
Angela Bellia:
Music and Rite: Representations of Female Figures of Musicians in Greek Sicily (Sixth–Third Centuries B.C.). 127
Kathryn Soar:
Circular Dance Performances in the Prehistoric Aegean. 137
Rachele Dubbini:
Agones on the Greek Agora between Ritual and Spectacle: Some Examples from the Peloponnese. 157
Edward Venn:
Evoking the “Marvellous”: Ritual in Michael Tippett’s The Midsummer Marriage. 183
Edited by Eric Venbrux, Thomas Quartier, and Joanna Wojtkowiak
Anke Tonnaer:
Fear and Fascination for a White Maggot: Savouring the Other in Tourist Ritual. 197
Hans Stifoss-Hanssen and Lars J. Danbolt:
The Dead and the Numb Body: Disaster and Ritual Memory. 211
Sophie Bolt and Eric Venbrux:
Funerals Without a Corpse: Awkwardness in Mortuary Rituals for Body Donors. 221
Janneke Peelen:
Social Birth of Stillborn Children: The Body as Matter, the Body as Person. 235
Meike Heessels:
From Commercial Goods to Cherished Ash Objects: Mediating Contact with the Dead through the Body. 247
Joanna Wojtkowiak:
Living through Ritual in the Face of Death. 263
Thomas Quartier:
“This Is My Body”: Physical, Spiritual, and Social Dimensions of Embodiment in Roman-Catholic Funerals. 277
Edited by Jan Weinhold and Geoffrey Samuel
Geoffrey Samuel and Jan Weinhold:
Introduction: The Varieties of Ritual Experience. 295
Geoffrey Samuel:
Inner Work and the Connection Between Anthropological and Psychological Analysis. 299
Etzel Cardeña and Wendy E. Cousins:
From Artifice to Actuality: Ritual, Shamanism, Hypnosis, and Healing. 315
Michael Winkelman:
Evolutionary Origins of Human Ritual. 331
Jay Johnston:
Physiognomy of the Invisible: Ritual, Subtle Anatomy, and Ethics. 351
Daniel Böttger:
Empirical Test of the Effect of Facial Feedback on the Subjective Experience of Ritual. 361
Magnus Echtler:
A Real Mass Worship They Will Never Forget: Rituals and Cognition in the Nazareth Baptist Church, South Africa. 371
David Thurfjell:
Ritual, Emotion, and the Navigation of the Self. 399
Andreas Odenthal:
Ritual Experience: Theology and Psychoanalysis in Dialogue about the Liturgy of the Catholic Church. 409
Barbara Gerke:
The Multivocality of Ritual Experience: Long-Life Empowerments among Tibetan Communities in the Darjeeling Hills, India. 432
Angela Sumegi:
Being the Deity: The Inner Work of Buddhist and Shamanic Ritual. 443
Beatrix Hauser:
Dramatic Changes? The Experience of a Religious Play in the Mega-City of Delhi. 459
Yolanda van Ede:
Differing Roads to Grace: Spanish and Japanese Sensory Approaches to Dance. 481
W. Gerard Poole:
Emotional Cultivation and the Chaotic Emotion: Towards a Theory of Ritual, Musical, and Emotional Parallel Morphology, as Encountered in Andalusian Ritual Practices. 505
Sarah M. Pike:
Performing Grief in Formal and Informal Rituals at the Burning Man Festival. 525
Jan Weinhold:
Navigating the Inner Work: The Experience of Ayahuasca within Santo Daime Rituals. 541
Abstracts. 569

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