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Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual ... Vol. 3

Michaels, Axel [u.a.] [Hrsg.]:
Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual / ed by Margo Kitts ; Bernd Schneidmüller ; Gerald Schwedler ... - Vol. 3: State, Power and Violence. Including an E-Book-Version in PDF-Format on CD-ROM. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 2010. - IX, 831 S. : Ill. + CD-ROM.
ISBN 978-3-447-06203-9
EUR 118,00
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DDC: 390.095

Held in Heidelberg from September 29 to October 2, 2008 by the collaborative research center SFB 619 "Ritual Dynamics" , the international conference "Ritual Dynamics and the Science of Ritual" assembled most of the leading experts on rituals studies and more than 600 participants for the purpose of reassessing the traditional subject in view of the latest research. The results, which are presented in five volumes (see below), are pathbreaking for future transcultural, interdisciplinary and multi methodical research on rituals. The convention was marked by the broad range of disciplines and the corresponding diversity of methods. It embraced a tremendous variety of topics in terms of cultural geography and spanned a time horizon from the antiquity to the present. The proceedings show how broadly the term ritual can be defined, as well as the conditions, modes and functions of ritual actions in different cultures of the present and past. One of the most important conclusions of the conference is that there cannot be "one single" model for rituals and that interdisciplinary collaborations are the key to research on rituals. This also includes the development and use of creative research methods. [Verlagsinformation]

Edited by Margo Kitts
Margo Kitts:
Introductory Comments: Panel on Ritual and Violence. 3
Margo Kitts:
Poinē as a Ritual Leitmotif in the Iliad. 7
Scott Noegel:
The Ritual Use of Linguistic and Textual Violence in the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East. 33
Jarrod L. Whitaker:
Empowering Men Ritually in Ancient India. 47
Peter Schalk:
Memorialisation of Martyrs in the Tamiḻ Resistance Movement of Īḻam/Laṃkā. 55
Werner Binder:
Ritual Dynamics and Torture: The Performance of Violence and Humiliation at the Abu Ghraib Prison. 75
Alexandra Argenti:
The Fear of the Sorcerer: Finding a Peaceful Moment for a Sacrifice in Southern Sri Lanka. 105
Edited by Bernd Schneidmüller
Hans Vorländer:
Verfassungen und Rituale in Vormoderne und Moderne. 135
Philippe Buc:
Religion, Coercion, and Violence in Medieval Rituals. 149
Wojciech Fałkowski:
The Humility and Humiliation of the King – Rituals and Emotions. 163
Apostolos Spanos:
Imperial Sanctity and Politico-Ecclesiastical Propaganda in Byzantium (Ninth–Fifteenth Century). 197
Joachim Friedrich Quack:
Political Rituals: Sense and Nonsense of a Term and its Application to Ancient Egypt. 215
Peter Van Nuffelen:
Beyond Bureaucracy: Ritual Mediation in Late Antiquity. 231
Veit Rosenberger:
Strange Signs, Divine Wrath, and the Dynamics of Rituals: The Expiation of Prodigies in the Roman Republic. 247
Paul Töbelmann:
The Limits of Ritual: Mistakes and Misconceptions, Lies and Betrayals at Peace Conferences in Fifteenth Century France. 261
Peter Seele:
Is There an Economic Benefit in Participating in Rituals? An Institutional Economics Analysis of Transaction Costs and Institutional Stability. 277
Daniel Schläppi:
Politische Riten, Ämterkauf und geschmierte Plebiszite: Ritualisierter Ressourcentransfer in der Alten Eidgenossenschaft (17. und 18. Jahrhundert). 293
Angelo Torre:
Ritual and Jurisdiction in Northern Italy (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries). 317
Edited by Gerald Schwedler and Eleni Tounta
Gerald Schwedler and Eleni Tounta:
Usurping Rituals: The Correlation between Formalised Repetitive Behaviour and Legitimacy. 349
Gerald Schwedler:
Usurpation: Term and Concept A Missing Entry in the “Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe”. 361
Fabrice De Backer:
Fragmentation of the Enemy in the Ancient Near East during the Neo-Assyrian Period. 393
Fabian Goldbeck and Patrizia Arena:
Salutationes in Republican and Imperial Rome: Development, Functions and Usurpations of the Ritual. 413
Eleni Tounta:
Usurpation, Acceptance and Legitimacy in Medieval Europe: An Analysis of the Dynamic Relations between Ritual Structure and Political Power. 447
Georg Gresser:
Usurping Space – Usurping Ritual: Early Medieval Synods in Comparison. 475
Herrmann Kamp:
New Masters and Old Rituals: Edward I, Robert the Bruce, Philip the Fair and the Role of Rituals in Conquest. 485
Christian Jaser:
Usurping the Spiritual Sword: Performative and Literary Alienations of Ritual Excommunication. 505
Christoph Dartmann:
The Usurpator in the City: Rituals of Power in Northern Italian City-States. 531
Marian Füssel:
Rituals in Crisis? The Dynamics of German Academic Ritual in the Age of Enlightenment. 543
Susan Richter:
The Prussian Royal Coronation – An Usurpation of Ceremonial? 561
Cord Arendes:
Rituals in Twentieth-Century Dictatorships: Jean-Bédel Bokassa and “his” Central African Empire, 1976–1979. 575

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