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Apabhramsa of Svayambhudeva's Paumacariu

De Clercq, Eva:
The Apabhraṃśa of Svayambhūdeva's Paümacariu / Eva De Clercq. - Mumbai : Hindi Granth Karyalay, 2010. - 110 S. - (Pandit Nathuram Premi Research Series ; 17)
ISBN 978-81-88769-46-9
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US$ 8,55 (D.K. Agencies)
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In spite of its critical position as the link between the classical Indian literatures of Sanskrit and Prakrit, and the early modern vernacular literatures of North India (Braj Bhasha, Gujarati, Bengali, Hindi, etc.) Apabhramsha language and literature remains probably one of the most understudied fields of Indology and South Asian Studies. The Paumacariu of the Apabhramsha poet Svayambhudeva, narrating the Jain version of the story of Ramayana, is the earliest masterpiece of Apabhramsha epic literature, and possibly the oldest specimen of Apabhramsha literature available to us.
   Half a century after legendary Harivallabh Bhayani published the excellent critical edition, Dr. Eva De Clercq engaged in a critical study of this text, including an analysis of its grammar.
   The book The Apabhramsha of Svayambhudeva's Paumacariu gives a full systematic descriptive overview of its phonological and morphological characteristics, disclosing new materials for scholars of historical and comparative linguistics. To those who wish to read and research this and other Apabhramsha texts themselves, it will provide a valued tool. [Verlagsinformation]

1. Introduction
2. Phonology
3. Morphology
4. Alphabetical list of nominal and verbal suffixes and infixes
5. Index


Dr. EVA DE CLERCQ did her PhD on Svayambhudeva's Paumacariu at the University of Ghent. She has been teaching and researching at Ghent. Jain Ramayanas have been the focus of her work has been Jain Ramayanas, Apabhramsha grammar, the broader Jain tradition of Tirthankaras and other great men and Digambara merchant communities of the 15th - 16th centuries at Gwalior. She teaches regular Sanskrit, Prakrit, Apabhramsha and Hindi classes and is actively involved in organising Summer Schools in Finland (2007) and Germany (2009). Profile Ghent CBS; Profile SOAS.

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