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Elementary Hindi

Delacy, Richard / Joshi, Sudha:
Elementary Hindi : an introduction to the language / Richard Delacy ; Sudha Joshi. - Tokyo ; Rutland, Vt. : Tuttle Publishing, 2009. - ca. 352 S. : Ill. + Audio-CD
ISBN 978-0-8048-3962-4 / 0-8048-3962-X
US$ 59,95 (US$ 41,96 bei Direktkauf über Tuttle Publ.)
DDC: 491.4382421
-- Angekündigt für November 2009 --

Begleitbuch: Elementary Hindi Workbook / by Richard Delacy ; Sudha Joshi. - Tokyo ; Rutland, Vt. : Tuttle Publishing, 2009. - ca. 160 S. : Ill.
ISBN 978-0-8048-3963-1
US$ 29,95 (US$ 20,96 bei Direktkauf über Tuttle Publ.)
-- Angekündigt für November 2009 --

The comprehensive approach of Elementary Hindi lets you master the basics of conversational Hindi without frustration. From learning to write the Hindi alphabet and pronounce its sounds, to using vocabulary and grammar, to communicating in dialogues, Elementary Hindi is an expert guide to developing proficiency in Hindi quickly.
   Enriched by fascinating info about the Hindi-speaking cultures of the world, Elementary Hindi brings the language to life ... whether you're studying on your own, or in a classroom. [Verlagsinformation]

Acknowledgements. ix
Introduction. xi
Lesson 1-24. 1
Appendix A: Numbers, Dates, Seasons and Money. 239
Appendix B: Some Common Postpositions. 242
Appendix C: Countries, Nationalities and Regional Indian Identities. 244
Appendix D: Family Relations. 245
Appendix E: The Verbal Unit. 245
Answer Key to Practice Excercises. 248
Hindi-English Glossary. 284
English-Hindi Glossary. 309
Audio CD Track List. 334

RICHARD DELACY currently teaches Hindi/Urdu at Harvard University. He is the author of Hindi in a Flash and co-author of Hindi, Urdu & Bengali Lonely Planet Phrasebook. Faculty page.
SUDHA JOSHI taught Hindi in Melbourne at various universities for over fifteen years, and has produced numerous materials for teaching Hindi as a foreign language.

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