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East and West

Yoshida, Kazuhiko (吉田和彦) [u.a.] (Hrsg.):
East and West : papers in Indo-European studies / ed. by Kazuhiko Yoshida and Brent Vine. - Bremen : Ute Hempen Verlag, 2009. - VIII, 312 S.
ISBN 978-3-934106-70-3
EUR 42,00
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n September 11th and 12th, 2007, an international conference on Indo-European studies, organized by the co-editors of this volume and generously funded by the Mitsubishi Foundation, was held on the campus of Kyoto University. Scholars from “East and West” (Europe, the United States, Japan, and Taiwan) met to share their research on Indo-European Studies.
   The papers themselves reflect a conjunction of the far-flung nature of linguistic documentation in Indo-European, from its easternmost reaches (Ronald I. Kim on Tocharian) to the far west (Celtic material and data from elsewhere by Calvert Watkins), and many points in between: work on Greek (José Luis García Ramón, Jeremy Rau, Brent Vine), Italic (Kanehiro Nishimura, Michael Weiss), Anatolian (H. Craig Melchert), Indo-Iranian (Stephanie W. Jamison, Werner F. Knobl, Masato Kobayashi, Hiroshi Kumamoto, Aurelijus Vijunas, Yutaka Yoshida), and on fundamental problems of Proto-Indo-European itself (Jay H. Jasanoff, Kazuhiko Yoshida). [Verlagsinformation]

Jose Luis Garcia Ramon: Mycenaean Onomastics, Poetic Phraseology and Indo-European Comparison: The Man's Name pu2-ke-qi-ri. 1
Stephanie W. Jamison: Where Are All the Optatives? Modal Patterns in Vedic. 27
Jay H. Jasanoff: Notes on the Internal History of the PIE Optative. 47
Ronald I. Kim: The Feminine Gender in Tocharian and Indo-European. 69
Werner F. Knobl: Portmanteau Words in the Ṛgveda. 89
Masato Kobayashi: Indo-Aryan Loanwords and the Prehistory of Kurux and Malto. 111
Hiroshi Kumamoto: The Injunctive in Khotanese. 133
H. Craig Melchert: Deictic Pronouns in Anatolian. 151
Kanehiro Nishimura: The Orthographic and Phonological Interpretation of the Oscan Praenomen marahis and Related Forms. 163
Jeremy Rau: Myc. te-re-ja and the Athematic Inflection of the Greek Contract Verbs. 181
Aurelijus Vijünas: The Origin of the "Empty" f-Formant in the Indo-Iranian /-Stem Root Nouns: An Alternative Theory. 189
Brent Vine: A Yearly Problem. 205
Calvert Watkins: The Milk of the Dawn Cows Revisited. 225
Michael Weiss: Umbrianerus. 241
Kazuhiko Yoshida: On the Origin of Thematic Vowels in Indo-European Verbs. 265
Yutaka Yoshida: Minor Moods in Sogdian. 281
Index verborum. 295

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