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Riddles of Belonging

Merrill, Christi A.:
Riddles of belonging : India in translation and other tales of possession / Christi A. Merrill. - New York : Fordham University Press, 2009. - XIV, 380 S.
ISBN 978-0-8232-2955-0
US$ 70,00

Can the subaltern joke? Christi A. Merrill answers by invoking riddling, oral-based fictions from Hindi, Rajasthani, Sanskrit, and Urdu that dare to laugh at the details of contentious traditions often kept hidden - whether spouse abuse, ethnic violence, or the uncertain legacies of a divinely wrought sex change. Merrill argues that the playful lessons of these narratives offer insight into the networks of transnational relation connecting us across a sea of differences.
   A translator herself, Merrill uses these examples, especially from the work of Rajasthani writer Vijay Dan Detha, to investigate the expectation that translated work should allow the non-English-speaking subaltern to speak directly to the English-speaking reader. She plays with the trope of speaking to argue against treating a translated text as property and thus as a singular material object to be "carried across" (as trans-latus implies.) She refigures it instead as a performative "telling in turn" (from the Hindi word anuvad) to explain how a text might be multiply possessed. [Verlagsinformation]

Can the Subaltern Joke? (to open). 1
1. Humoring the Melancholic Reader of World Literature. 16
2. A Telling Example. 44
3. Framed. 105
4. A Divided Sense. 168
5. Passing On. 205
6. Narration in Ghost Time. 245
A Double Hearing (to close). 286
Notes. 297
Works Cited. 339
Index. 363

CHRISTI A. MERRILL is Assistant Professor of South Asian Postcolonial Theory at the University of Michigan. Homepage.

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