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Genesis and Development of Tantrism

Einoo, Shingo (Hrsg.):
Genesis and Development of Tantrism / ed.: Shingo Einoo. - Tokyo: University of Tokyo, Institute of Oriental Culture, 2009. - 562 S. - (Institute of Oriental Culture Special Series ; 23).
ISBN 978-4-903235-08-0
YEN 18000,--

Tagungsband: International Workshop on Tantrism 2005, Tokyo. Vgl. das Tagungsprogramm (PDF).

Preface. 9
Introduction. 11
1. Shingo Einoo: From kāmas to siddhis — Tendencies in the Development of Ritual towards Tantrism. 17
2. Alexis Sanderson: The Śaiva Age — The Rise and Dominance of Śaivism during the Early Medieval Period. 41
3. Dominic Goodall: Who is Caṇḍeśa? 351
4. Kimiaki Tanaka: Nāgabodhi's Śrī-guhyasamājamaṇḍalopāyikā-viṃśati-vidhi — The Sanskrit Text Restored from the Vajrācāryanayottama. 425
5. Francesco Sferra: The Laud of the Chosen Deity, the First Chapter of the Hevajratantrapiṇḍārthaṭīkā by Vajragarbha. 435
6. Taiken Kyuma: Superiority of Vajrayāna — Part I: Some Remarks on the Vajrayānāntadvayanirākaraṇa (rDo rje theg pa'i mtha' gñis sel ba) Ascribed to Jñānaśrī. 469
7. Ryugen Tanemura: Superiority of Vajrayāna — Part II: Superiority of the Tantric Practice Taught in the *Vajrayānāntadvayanirākaraṇa (rDo rje theg pa'i mtha' gñis sel ba). 487
8. Tsunehiko Sugiki: The Structure and Traditions of the Systems of Holy Sites in Buddhist Saṃvara Cycle and Its Related Scriptural Cycles in Early Medieval South Asia — The Geography of Esoteric Buddhism in the Eyes of the Compilers of the Scriptures. 515

Shingo Einoo (永ノ尾信悟), Professor of Sanskrit Philology, Institute of Oriental Culture (Tōyō bunka kenkyūsho 東洋文化研究所), Tokyo University. Profilseite (englisch). Profilseite (japanisch).

Quellen: Centre for Tantric Studies; Kyushu Indo tetsugaku Blog.