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Foreigners and Foreign Languages

Chaudhary, Shreesh:
Foreigners and foreign languages in India : a sociolinguistic history / Shreesh Chaudhary. - New Delhi : Cambridge University Press India, 2009. - ca. 600 S.
ISBN 978-81-7596-628-4
Rs. 950,00
US$ 40,00 (Cambridge University Press)
US$ 50,70 (D.K. Agencies)

India's natural wealth, knowledge, arts and crafts have attracted foreigners throughout its long history. It has had continuous cultural contact and trade with other countries and, in all this, India has been exposed to many foreign languages such as Arabic, Bactrian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Persian, Portuguese, Turkish and in a certain sense, Sanskrit. Each of these languages went through a cycle, rising to the position of power and prestige, and eventually declining and yielding place to yet another language. In this process, all these languages interacted with the native languages of India and exchanged sounds, words, sentences, idioms and expressions, sometimes even giving birth to new languages. Foreigners and Foreign Languages in India: A Sociolinguistic History tells the story of this long and continuous history of the advent, learning, use, demise and debris of some foreign languages in India. [Verlagsinformation]

1. Introduction
2. Greek, Hebrew and Sanskrit
3. Arabic, Persian and Turkish
4. Armenian, Portuguese, Dutch and French
5. East India Company and The Indian Languages
6. East India Company and The English Language
7. Conclusion
List of Tables
List of Annexes
   1. Evolution of Indo-European Script
   2. An Ashokan Edict in Bactrian Language
   3. Examples of Magadhi in Kalidasa
   4. A Specimen of Babar's Poetry
   5. Extract from Halhead's Translation of Dara Shikoh's Preface to the Upanishad
   6. Extracts from Mazm-u1-Babrain and Samudra Sangamah
   7. Dara Shikoh's Sanskrit Verse in Praise of Rudra
   8. A Bengali Prayer Book Prepared by the Portuguese
   9. Example of Portuguese Creole
   10. Extracts from Wood's Despatch
   11. Charter Act of 1813
   12. Raja Rammohun Roy's Letter to Lord Amherst
   13. Macaulay's Minute on Education for India
   14. William Bentinck's Resolution for Provision for English Education
   15. Growth of English Schools and Colleges in India
   16. Population of Calcutta on 8 August, 1822


Shreesh C. Chaudhary, Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Profile page.

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