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Contemporary Indian English

Sedlatschek, Andreas
Contemporary Indian English : variation and change / Andreas Sedlatschek. - Amsterdam : John Benjamins Publishing, 2009. - xix, 362 S. - (Varieties of English Around the World ; 38)
ISBN 978-90-272-4898-5
EUR 105,00 (Hardbound)
ISBN 978-90-272-9012-0
EUR 105,00 (e-Book)

Contemporary Indian English: Variation and Change offers the first comprehensive description of Indian English and its emerging regional standard in a corpus-linguistic framework. Drawing on a wealth of authentic spoken and written data from India (including the Kolhapur Corpus and the International Corpus of English), this book explores the dynamics of variation and change in the vocabulary and grammar of contemporary Indian English. The aims are to document the extent of lexical and grammatical nativization at the beginning of the twenty-first century and compare contemporary Indian English to other varieties around the world (for example British and American English). The results are relevant to sociolinguists, variationists and lexicologists seeking to investigate ongoing language change in emerging standard varieties of English. With its strong empirical foundation and its comparative outlook, the book is also of interest to anyone looking for an introduction to the corpus-based description of varieties of English. [Verlagsinformation]

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Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Theoretical, methodological and descriptive framework
Chapter 3. Vocabulary
Chapter 4. Lexicosyntax
Chapter 5. Morphosyntax and grammar at the sentence level
Chapter 6. Conclusion

Andreas Sedlatschek, University of Freiburg.

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