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Indian English

Sailaja, Pingali:
Indian English / Pingali Sailaja. - Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2009. - 184 S. - (Dialects of English)
ISBN 978-0-7486-2595-6
£ 19,99 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-0-7486-2594-9
£ 60,00 (Hardcover)
-- Angekündigt für Februar 2009 --
Vertrieb in den USA durch Columbia University Press (angekündigt für März 2009).

This book is a descriptive account of English as it is used in India. Indian English is a second language to most of its speakers. In its 400-year history it has acquired its own character, yet still looks to native varieties of English for norms. The complex nature of Indian English, which is not really a monolithic entity, is discussed in this book. The book also makes a distinction between what are considered to be standard and non-standard varieties, and provides an overview of the salient features. [Verlagsinformation]

1. Introduction; 2. Phonetics and Phonology; 3. Morphosyntax; 4. Lexis and Discourse; 5. History, and Changes in Progress; 6. Survey of Previous Work and Annotated Bibliography; 7. Sample Texts.

Pingali Sailaja is Professor, Department of English, University of Hyderabad, India. University of Hyderabad, Faculty of English.

Quellen: Edinburgh University Press; Blackwell Bookshop Online; Amazon (UK); Columbia University Press.