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Pingree: Pathways into the Study of Ancient Sciences

Pingree, David Edwin:
Pathways into the Study of Ancient Sciences : Selected Essays / by David Pingree. Edited by Isabelle Pingree and John M. Steele. - Philadelphia : The American Philosophical Society Press, 2014. - xxi, 503 S. - (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society ; 104,3)
ISBN 978-1-60618-043-3
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The selected essays included in this volume offer a sampling of the incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise of David Edwin Pingree (1933-2005), Brown University Professor of the History of Mathematics and Classics and esteemed member of the American Philosophical Society. His contributions to the history of science are immeasurable, and his many works will continue to aid researchers in scholars in future years. As Isabelle Pingree and John Steele mention in the preface, David Pingree defined science as “a systematic explanation of perceived or imaginary phenomena”: “This broad view of science includes astronomy, mathematics, and other sciences with which we are familiar today as well as those subjects deemed nonscientific by today’s standards, such as astrology and magic....[Pingree] repeatedly demonstrated that not only were each of these subjects worthy of study in their own right, but that in the Ancient and Medieval periods these fields were closely interconnected.”

Preface. ix
Acknowledgments. xi
Information on Previous Publication. xiii
Common Abbreviations. xvi
Biographical Memoir by Charles Burnett. xvii
   1. Hellenophilia versus the History of Sciences (1992). 3
   2. Astrology (2001). 13
   3. From Alexandria to Baghdād to Byzantium. The Transmission of Astrology (2001). 17
   4. Zero and the Symbol for Zero in Early Sexagesimal and Decimal Place-Value Systems (2003). 53
   5. Observational Texts Concerning the Planet Mercury (1975) [with E. Reiner]. 61
   6. A Neo-Babylonian Report on Seasonal Hours (1974-1977) [with E. Reiner]. 67
   7. Venus Phenomena in Enūma Anu Enlil (1993). 73
   8. On the Greek Origin of the Indian Planetary Model Employing a Double Epicycle (1971). 91
   9. The Recovery of Early Greek Astronomy from India (1976). 97
   10. The Preceptum Canonis Ptolomei (1990). 113
   11. The Teaching of the Almagest in Late Antiquity (1994). 135
   12. Astronomy and Astrology in India and Iran (1963). 161
   13. Precession and Trepidation in Indian Astronomy before A.D. 1200 (1972). 179
   14. The Mesopotamian Origin of Early Indian Mathematical Astronomy (1973). 189
   15. Concentric with Equant (1974). 201
   16. Indian Astronomy (1978). 205
   17. The Purāṇas and Jyotiḥśāstra: Astronomy (1990). 209
   18. Innovation and Stagnation in Medieval Indian Astronomy (1992). 217
   19. Indian Reception of Muslim Versions of Ptolomaic Astronomy (1996). 225
   20. Indian Astronomy in Medieval Spain (1996). 241
   21. Nīlakaṇṭha's Planetary Models (2001). 251
   22. The Logic of Non-Western Science: Mathematical Discoveries in Medieval India (2003). 261
   23. Indian Influence on Sasanian and Early Islamic Astronomy and Astrology (1965-6). 273
   24. The Fragments of the Works of Ya'qūb ibn Ṭāriq (1968). 283
   25. The Fragments of the Works of al-Fazārī (1970). 313
   26. The Greek Influence on Early Islamic Mathematical Astronomy (1973). 335
   27. Al-Bīrūnī's Knowledge of Sanskrit Astronomical Texts (1975). 347
   28. Gregory Chioniades and Palaeologan Astronomy (1964). 365
   29. The Indian and Pseudo-Indian Passages in Greek and Latin Astronomical and Astrological Texts (1976). 393
   30. A New Look at Melancolia I (1980). 449
   31. An Illustrated Greek Astronomical Manuscript (1982). 451
   32. Plato's Hermetic Book of the Cow (1993). 463
   33. Learned Magic in the Time of Frederick II (1994). 477
Bibliography of the Works of David Pingree. 495

DAVID EDWIN PINGREE (1933–2005) was a University Professor, and Professor of History of Mathematics and Classics at Brown University, and one of America's leading historians of the Exact Sciences in antiquity. [Wikipedia].

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