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Defining the Indefinable

Kuczkiewicz-Fraś, Agnieszka [Hrsg.]:
Defining the Indefinable : Delimiting Hindi / Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz-Fraś (ed.). - Frankfurt am Main : PL Academic Research, 2014. - 208 S. : Ill. - (Studies in Oriental Culture and Literature ; 1)
ISBN 978-3-631-64774-5
EUR 52,95 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-3-653-03566-7
EUR 58,91 (eBook)
DDC: 491.43

The nine extensive essays of this volume are by specialists on South Asia whose research focus includes the extremely complicated problematics of the linguistic situation there. It is devoted to the broadly understood problem of defining Hindi as well as indicating the different ranges of its use. The authors of the included texts come from Europe, the USA and India, and grapple with questions such as what Hindi is, how it functions in the social, political and cultural dimensions of present-day India, and how it is being used by authorities and various influential actors at different levels of Indian reality. The volume should be important and useful for all those who are interested in Hindi, its official and non-official status, and in Indian linguistic policy and politics generally. [Verlagsinformation]

Foreword. 7
Rahul Peter Das:
Defining Hindi: An Introductory Overview. 11
Heinz Werner Wessler:
Hindi Revisited: Language and Language Policies in India in Perspective. 65
Hans Harder:
Traces of Sacredness in Imaginings of Hindi. 81
Selma K. Sonntag:
Depoliticising Hindi in India. 95
Anvita Abbi/Maansi Sharma:
Hindi as a Contact Language of Northeast India. 107
Surendra K. Gambhir:
Linguistic Relationships: Bhojpuri and Standard Hindi. A View from the Western Hemisphere. 125
Anjali Gera Roy:
Filmī Zubān. The Language of Hindi Cinema. 137
Christina Oesterheld:
Hindi/Urdu/Hindustani in the Metropolises: Visual (and Other) Impressions. 161
Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz-Fraś/Dagmara Gil:
A Mixed Language? Hinglish and Business Hindi. 181
List of Contributors. 205


AGNIESZKA KUCZKIEWICZ-FRAŚ obtained her doctorate and habilitation degrees in linguistics from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland). She has published several books and articles on various topics related to Hindi-Urdu linguistics, South-Asian sociolinguistics and Indo-Islamic traditions as well as numerous translations from Hindi and Urdu into Polish. profile.

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