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Deokar: Subhuticandra's Kavikamadhenu on Amarakosa

Deokar, Lata Mahesh [Hrsg.]:
Subhūticandra's Kavikāmadhenu on Amarakośa 1.1.1-1.4.8 : together with Si tu Paṇ chen's Tibetan Translation / ed. and introd. by Lata Mahesh Deokar. - Marburg : Indica et Tibetica Verlag [distr. by Biblia Impex, New Delhi], 2014. - xiv, 594 S. - (Indica et Tibetica ; 55)
ISBN 978-3-923776-56-6
EUR 40,00
US$ 47,75 (Biblia Impex)
DDC: 491.23

The Kavikāmadhenu (composed between 1050 and 1120) is the longest and perhaps most important commentary on the Amarakośa. It quotes from almost 200 authorities and sources. So far less than 20 per cent of the Sanskrit text is accessible, although much more is extant in Tibet. The above-mentioned work is based on a precious codex unicus from Tibet. A sequel, based on a fragmentary Indian manuscript and covering the next 15 per cent of the work is under preparation.

Preface. ix
Abbreviations. xiii
   1. The Amarakośa and its Commentaries. 1
   2. Modern References to Subhūticandra's Kavikāmadhenu. 4
   3. Description of the Manuscripts. 6
   4. The Tibetan Translations of the Kavikāmadhenu. 25
   5. Subhūticandra: His Place and Time. 56
   6. Title, Nature, and Sources of the Kavikāmadhenu. 65
   7. Testimonia. 76
   8. Methodology Adopted for Constituting the Text. 85
   9. Critical Apparatus of the Kavikāmadhenu. 87
A Critically Edited Sanskrit Text of the Kavikāmadhenu. 93
A Chart of the First-hand and Second-hand Corrections. 295
Si tu Paṇ chen's Translation of the Kavikāmadhenu. 301
An Index of Authorities and Citations. 543
Bibliography. 573

LATA MAHESH DEOKAR, University of Pune. profile.

Quellen: Indica et Tibetica Verlag; WorldCat; Deutsche Nationalbibliothek;; Bookbutler; Biblia Impex
Bildquelle: Indologica
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