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South Asian archaeology 1999

Raven, Ellen M.:
South Asian archaeology 1999 : proceedings of the fifteenth International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists, held at the Universiteit Leiden, 5-9 July 1999 / ed. by Ellen M. Raven. - Groningen : Forsten, 2008. - XXX, 678 S. : Ill. - (Gonda indological studies ; 15)
ISBN 978-90-6980-155-1
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Since 1971, every other year archaeologists and art historians meet in one of Europe's university cities for the South Asian Archaeology conference, the principal platform for face-to-face scholarly exchange in this special field. The fifteenth meeting of the Association of South Asian Archaeologist was held in Leiden (The Netherlands) from 2 to 6 July, 1999. Its proceedings collect 52 of the papers, covering the variegated arts, crafts, materials and techniques of the subcontinent. Each methodologically rooted in specific disciplines (such as archaeology, art history, epigraphy or numismatics), together these contributions create a vivid image of an impressive civilization that continuously revitalizes itself over a multi-millennia span of time.

Vergleiche den Konferenzbericht: IIAS Newsletter.

Keynote address
1. Maurizio Taddei (†): Some Reflections on the Formation of the Buddha Image
Appendix: Kośagatavastiguhyatā / Francesco Sferra
2. L.B. Kircho, S. Salvatori and M. Vidale: A Topographic and Stratigraphic Map of Altyn-depe : New Evidence on Craft Activities from Surface Analysis
3. Ute Franke-Vogt and Saleem ul-Haq: Tracking the Prehistory of Southeastern Balochistan: New Evidence from Las Bela
4. Gonzague Quivron: New Light on the Kulli Culture: A Reconsideration of the Painted Pottery Uncovered by Sir Aurel Stein at Kulli and Mehi in Southern Baluchistan
5. Jean-François Jarrige and Gonzague Quivron: The Indus Valley and the Indo-Iranian Borderlands at the End of the 3rd Millennium BC and the Beginning of the 2nd Millennium BC
6. Richard H. Meadow and J. Mark Kenoyer: Harappa Excavations 1998-1999: New Evidence for the Development and Manifestation of the Harappan Phenomenon
7. Heather Margaret-Louise Miller: The Indus Talc-Faience Complex: Types of Materials, Clues to Production
8. Ajita K. Patel: New Radiocarbon Determinations from Loteshwar and Their Implications for Understanding Holocene Settlement and Subsistence in North Gujarat and Adjoining Areas
9. Vasant Shinde: Emergence and Growth of Village Life in Mewar, Rajasthan, India: The Recent Evidence
10. Dorian Q. Fuller: Domestication, Diffusion and the Development of Agricultural Villages: A Study of the South Indian Neolithic
11. Gilberto Rinaldi and Maurizio Tosi: Caulking Technologies of 'Black Boats of Magan' Some New Thoughts on Bronze Age Water Transport in Oman and Beyond from the Impressed Bitumen Slabs of Ra's al-Jinz
12. E. Kuzmina: Charioteer-Warriors on their Way from East Europe to India
13. Victor Sarianidi: 'Hypogaeum' Type Burials in the Gonur Necropolis
14. Giorgio Stacul: Special Deposits of Miniature Vessels from Swat Chalcolithic Pits (Early / Mid 2nd Millennium BC)
15. Ruth Young, Robin Coningham, Ihsan Ali and Taj Ali: The Archaeological Visibility of Transhumance Tested Using Faunal Material from N.W.F.P., Pakistan
16. Farid Khan, Robert Knox, Peter Magee, Ken Thomas and Cameron Petrie: Further Research on the Later Prehistory of the Bannu Basin: The 1998 Excavations at Akra
17. Steven E. Sidebotham: South Asian Archaeological Finds from Berenike, a Hellenistic-Roman Port on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt: The Background
18. John Peter Wild and Felicity Wild: Early Indian Cotton Textiles from Berenike
19. Gustav Roth: The Symbol of an Indian Punch-marked Coin in Judea?
20. Harry Falk: Barabar Reconsidered
21. Giovanni Verardi and Stefano Coccia: Further Excavations at Gotihawa (1998-1999)
22. Hans-Joachim Weisshaar and W. Wijeyapala: Excavations within the Citadel of Tissamaharama (Sri Lanka)
23. Oliver Kessler: Excavations at Godavaya and a Recently Unearthed, Hitherto Unknown, 2nd Century Inscription of King Gajabāhu I
24. Klaus Karttunen: Lost Indo-Greek Remains in Gujarat, Sind and the Punjab
25. Martha L. Carter: The Gods of the Rabatak Inscription
26. Nakao Odani: Jātakas Represented in Gandhāra Art
27. Anna Maria Quagliotti: An Unidentified Gandhāra Bodhisattva
28. Carolyn Woodford Schmidt: The Gandhāran Wreath-Bearing Bodhisattva: Further Typological Studies
29. Suchandra Ghosh: A Hellenic Pillar in an Eastern Indian Cave Painting
30. Ajay Mitra Shastri (†): Sātavāhana-Ksaharāta Chronology and Art History
31. K. P. Rao: South India and Southeast Asia: Early Trade and Contacts
32. Renate Syed: Early Terracottas from Kanauj: Chessmen?
33. Monika Zin: The Śabaras, the Vile Hunters in Heavenly Spheres: The Inhabitants of the Jungle in Indian Art, Especially in the Ajanta Paintings
34. Ranabir Chakravarti: Three Copper Plates of the Sixth Century AD: Glimpses of Socio-Economic and Cultural Life in Western India
35. Haruko Tsuchiya: The Darel Valley on the Indus & T'o-li and Faxian: 1998 and 1999 Field Research in the Northern Areas of Pakistan
36. Michael W. Meister: Temple Restoration and Transformation
37. Julia A.B. Hegewald: Jaina Temple Architecture: A Progression from Images to Shrines and Temple Cities
38. Gerd J.R. Mevissen: Planetary Deities on Jaina Images in Stone
39. James C. Harle (†): Some New Light on the Kāņcī Yoginīs
40. Adalbert J. Gail: The Enlightened Buddha and the Preaching Śiva: More Light on the dakşiņāmūrti Icon
41. Krishna Kumari: Royal Portrait Sculptures of the Simhachalam Temple (A.P.)
42. Gouriswar Bhattacharya: A Rare Bronze Object from Bangladesh
43. Claudine Bautze-Picron: The Los Angeles Manuscript Covers: Iconography and Style
44. Christian Luczanits: The Depiction of Hindu and Pan-Indian Deities in the Lo tsa ba IHa khang at Nako
45. Helmut F. Neumann: An Early Temple in Southern Tibet with Wall Paintings Corresponding to Grwa than and their Common Link to the Avatamsakasūtra
46. Eva Allinger: An Unpublished Early Tibetan Thang ka Depicting Avalokiteśvara Ṣaḍakṣarī, in a Private American Collection
47. Laure Feugère: Some Remarks on a Silk Wrapper
48. Nandana Chutiwongs: A Collection of Indian Miniatures in the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden
49. Joachim K. Bautze: The Sirohi Rasamaňjalī Paintings
50. Carla M. Sinopoli and Kathleen D. Morrison: The Regional Landscapes of the Imperial City of Vijayanagara: Report on the Vijayanagara Metropolitan Survey Project
51. Henri Schildt: The Nālukeṭṭu House and its Metrology: Four examples of Historical, Keralite Four-wing Houses in the Light of the Manuṣyālayacandrikā, a Mediaeval Sanskrit Treatise on Housing
52. Falk Reitz: St Mary's Syrian-Orthodox Church in Thiruvithancode (Tamil Nadu)
ELLEN M. RAVEN teaches Indian arts and material culture, Kern Instituut, Universiteit Leiden. Profile page.

Quellen: Egbert Forsten; WorldCat.