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Anandghan: It’s a City-Showman’s Show!

It’s a City-Showman’s Show! : Transcendental Songs of Ānandghan / Translated with an introduction by Imre Bangha and R. C. C. Fynes. Foreword by John E. Cort. - New Delhi : Penguin Books India, 2013. - 168 S.
ISBN 978-0-14-341555-8
Rs. 299,00 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-81-8475-985-3
Rs. 299,00 (eBook)
DDC: 294.48

The seventeenth-century ascetic Ānandghan (Cloud of Bliss) is one of the outstanding poets of Jain vernacular literature. His transcendental songs have been popular for over three centuries and remain part of the Jain devotional canon even today.
   Ānandghan's songs—which even inspired Mahatma Gandhi—are not restricted to Jain themes alone, but illuminate how religious differences are superficial in comparison to the inner experience of the Self. The poet’s use of striking and fresh imagery vividly conjures the world of seventeenth-century India even as he persuades listeners to grasp the transcendental dimensions of their lives within the everyday struggles of material existence. This rigorous new translation mirrors the raw immediacy of Ānandghan’s songs and highlights their universal appeal. [Verlagsinformation]

   Ānandghan's Life
   Ānandghan's Works
   The Songs
   The Life of the Songs: Progressing on the Spiritual Path
   The Text of the Present Edition
Transcendental Songs of Ānandghan
   Songs of Wisdom
   Songs of Love
   Songs Forgotten
Notes to the Poems

Dr IMRE BANGHA is Lecturer in Hindi at the University of Oxford and Head of the Alexander Csoma de Körös Centre for Oriental Studies at Sapientia—the Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania. He studied Indology in Budapest and holds a PhD in Hindi from Visva-Bharati. His publications include English, Hindi and Hungarian books and articles on Brajbhasha and other forms of early Hindi with special focus on the poetic works of Ānandghan, Ṭhākur, Viṣṇudās, Tulsīdās, Bājīd as well as on Rekhta literature. Profile page.
R.C.C. FYNES was educated at the University of Leeds and the Queens College, Oxford. His previous publications include English translations of the Sanskrit texts of Hemacandra's The Lives of the Jain Elders and Jinaratna's The Epitome of Queen Lilavati. He is currentyl a Principal lecturer in the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities, De Montfort University, Leicester. Profile page.

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