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JICPBS 17 (2013)

国際仏教学大学院大学研究紀要 (Kokusai bukkyōgaku daigakuin daigaku kenkyū kiyō) = Journal of the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies. - Vol. 17 (2013). - Tōkyō : Kokusai Bukkyōgaku Daigakuin Daigaku, 2013. - 216 S.
ISSN 1343-4128
Preis: YEN 2100,00
URL: International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies.

Inhalt: 17 (2013)
1. FUJII Kyoko (藤井教公):
[An annotated Japanese-translation of Zhiyi's Weimojing wenshu 『維摩経文疏』]. S. 1-24 [japan. mit engl. Zusammenfassung]
2. MINAMI Hironobu (南宏信):
[The Relationships among the Different Versions of the Record of the Sūtra of Immeasurable Life by Hyon-il of Silla: With a Focus on the Nara-Era Manuscript in the Archives and Mausolea Department of the Imperial Household Agency]. S. 25-45 [japan. mit engl. Zusammenfassung]
3. ZORIN, Alexander:
A Collection of Tantric Ritual Texts from an Ancient Tibetan Scroll Kept at the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences. S. 98-46 (japan. Zählung), S. 119-171 (europ. Zählung)
4. YAMANO Chieko:
The Yakṣiṇī-sādhana in the Kakṣapuṭa-tantra: Introduction, Critical Edition, and Translation. S. 156-99 (japan. Zählung), S. 61-118 (europ. Zählung)
5. DINGYUAN (定源):
[Shunjo's 俊芿 Journey and Studies in Southern Song China]. S. 216-157 (japan. Zählung), S. 1-60 (europ. Zählung) [japan. mit engl. Zusammenfassung]