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Rezavi: Fathpur Sikri Revisited

Rezavi, Syed Ali Nadeem:
Fathpur Sikri Revisited / Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi. - New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2013. - xvi, 251 S. : Ill., Kt.
ISBN 978-0-19-808403-7
INR 1395,00 (OUP India)
US$ 62,85 (D.K. Agencies)
US$ 75,00 (OUP USA)
DDC: 720.954209031

Fatehpur Sikri was an important political town and Mughal capital which emerged as a prominent socio-cultural centre with the distinctive architectural pattern. This book presents a multi-dimensional history of Fatehpur Sikri, a capital city under the Mughals. It discusses architectural traditions, town planning, economic centres, location of imperial and bureaucratic establishments, the bazaars, the waterworks, road networks, and residential areas to provide a wider understanding of the Mughal world. It traces the history of the town from the period before Akbar, an aspect hitherto untouched. The author has extensively studied the excavations along with primary and textual sources. He studies paintings, carvings, and architectural style and identifies for the first time many new structures like the Palace of Shahjahan and garden. With a number of plans, maps and photographs this book will be a definitive guide to the one-time capital of the Mughals. [Verlagsinformation]

Introduction. 1
1. Sikri before Akbar. 10
2. The Enterprise of Building Construction. 21
3. The Chronology of Construction. 46
4. The Official City. 56
5. Residential Houses. 91
6. Bazars and Markets. 119
7. The Gardens. 126
8. Hydraulics and Water management. 134
9. Sikri after Akbar. 150
10. Wall Paintings. 160
11. Identifying the Builders: Mason's Marks and Their Signatures. 176
Appendix I: Akbari Agriculture: A Note. 203
Appendix II: 'Conservation and Preservation' at Fathpur Sikri. 211

Syed Ali Nadeem Rezavi is Associate Professor at the Centre for Advanced Study in History at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

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