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Malekandathil: The Mughals, the Portuguese and the Indian Ocean

Malekandathil, Pius:
The Mughals, the Portuguese and the Indian Ocean : Changing Imageries of Maritime India / Pius Malekandathil. - Delhi : Primus Books, 2013. - viii, 234 S.
ISBN 978-93-80607-33-7
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This book explores the changing meanings that 'maritime India' acquired during the early modern period as a result of the frequent efforts of the Mughals and the Portuguese, from two different fronts, to control its vast, resourceful enclaves and profit-yielding neighbourhoods. By analysing the highly nuanced socioeconomic processes of these regions and addressing themes that have as yet remained unexplored, this volume creates a new framework to understand the varying nature of maritime India.
   Some of the issues explored here focus on the political implications of the religious dialogues between Akbar and Jesuits; the attempts of the Portuguese to create a supportive social group out of the Paravas in the Pearl Fishery Coast; the creation of parallel circuits to Ottoman markets in the eastern Mediterranean as an alternative to the Cape Route trade of the Portuguese; the multiple strands of trade between coastal western India and the markets of East Africa; the economic and political processes that prompted the shifting of the Mughal capital from the hinterland to the vicinity of the major maritime trading centres of northern Konkan; voices of dissent in Christianity and discourses on early nationalism; the changing perceptions of Portuguese enclaves in Bengal and aspects of the ethnic mutation of the Luso-Indians as well as the social manoeuvrings of the English.
   The Mughals, the Portuguese and the Indian Ocean: Changing Imageries of Maritime India will be of interest to students and scholars of early modern history of India in general and those studying transitions in maritime India in particular. [Verlagsinformation]

1. Akbar, the Portuguese and the Politics of Religious Dialogue
2. Fishing the Pearl and the Soul: A Study on the Politics of the Portuguese and the Identity Formation of the Paravas in Pearl Fishery Coast, 1500-1600
3. City in Space and Metaphor: A Study on the Port-City of Goa, 1510-1750
4. Trading Networks and Region Formation: The Making of South India, 1500-1750
5. Indian Trade with Eastern Mediterranean during the Age of Portuguese Commercial Expansion, 1500-1650
6. Changing Meanings of Oceanic Circulations between Coastal Western India and the African markets, 1500-1800
7. Shifting From Inland to the Frontiers of Coastal Societies: A Study on the Integration of Coastal Northern konkan with the Mughal World, 1650-1720
8. Voices of Dissent, Early Nationalism and Indian Alternatives to European Perceptions of Church: A Study on the Travel Narratives of Varthamanapusthakam
9. Trade, Religion and Politics: A Study on the Meanings of Portuguese Activities in the Northern Zones of Bay of Bengal, 1632-1840
10. Economic Processes, Ruralization and Ethnic Mutation: A Study on the Changing Meanings of Lusitanian Space in India, 1780-1840

PIUS MALEKANDATHIL is currently Professor at the Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Profile page.

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