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Haas: Dakini Power

Haas, Michaela:
Dakini Power : twelve extraordinary women shaping the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in the West / Michaela Haas. - Boston & London : Snow Lion (Shambala Publications), 2013. - xix, 325 S.
ISBN 978-1-55939-407-9
US$ 16,95
DDC: 294.392309252
-- Angekündigt für April 2013 --

What drives a young London librarian to board a ship to India, meditate in a remote cave by herself for twelve years, and then build a flourishing nunnery in the Himalayas? How does a surfer girl from Malibu become the head of the main international organization for Buddhist women? Why does the daughter of a music executive in Santa Monica dream so vividly of peacocks one night that she chases these images to Nepal, where she finds the love of her life in an unconventional young Tibetan master?
   The women featured in Dakini Power—contemporary teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, both Asians and Westerners, who teach in the West—have been universally recognized as accomplished practitioners and brilliant teachers whose life stories demonstrate their immense determination and bravery. Meeting them in this book, readers will be inspired to let go of old fears, explore new paths, and lead the lives they envision. [Verlagsinformation]

Foreword by H. H. the Seventeenth Karmapa. vii
Special Thanks. ix
Preface. xiii
Introduction: The Dakini Principle. 1
1. Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche: A Needle Compassionately Sticking Out of a Cushion. 15
2. Dagmola Kusho Sakya: From the Palace to the Blood Bank. 41
3. Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo (Diane Perry): Sandpaper for the Ego. 69
4. Sangye Khandro (Nanci Gay Gustafson): Enlightenment Is a Full-time Job. 93
5. Pema Chödrön (Deirdre Blomfield-Brown): Relaxing into Groundlessness. 117
6. Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel: A Wonder Woman Hermit. 143
7. Chagdud Khadro (Jane Dedman): Like Iron Filings Drawn to a Magnet. 165
8. Karma Lekshe Tsomo (Patricia Zenn): Surfing to Realization. 165
9. Thubten Chodron (Cherry Greene): A Rebel in Robes. 201
10. Roshi Joan Halifax: Fearless, Fierce, and Fragile. 225
11. Tsultrim Allione (Joan Rousmanière Ewing): The Enlightened Feminist. 249
12. Khandro Tsering Chödrön: The Queen of Dakinis. 271
Epilogue. 295
Dedication. 297
Acknowledgments. 299
Notes. 301
Glossary. 313
Selected Bibliography. 317

MICHAELA HAAS, PhD, is a reporter, lecturer, and consultant. She is the founder of Haas live! Communication Coaching Consulting, an international coaching company that specializes in media and mindfulness training for business leaders and media professionals. She is also a TV host, interviewer, and documentary filmmaker who has hosted numerous successful live talk shows and political broadcasts in Germany. She has been studying and practicing Buddhism for twenty years, has a PhD in Asian Studies, and is a visiting scholar in Religious Studies at the University of California Santa Barbara. Haas divides her time between Malibu, California, and Munich, Germany.

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