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Madhyama-āgama Studies

Madhyama-āgama Studies / Anālayo. - Taipei : Dharma Drum Publishing Co., 2012. - xii, 609 S. : Ill. - (Dharma Drum Buddhist Colleges Research Series ; 5)
ISBN 978-957-598-602-5
NT$ 650,00
DDC: 294.3823

The present book collects various research papers by Bhikkhu Anālayo with translations of Madhyama-āgama discourses and a comparative study of their Pāli parallels, together with a brief discussion, found in the appendix, of the school affiliation of the Madhyama-āgama and its relation to the Majjhima-nikāya. The main emphasis in these studies is on detecting possible transmission errors in the Pāli versions through the help of the parallel Madhyama-āgama discourse. Topics taken up in the course of the different studies are the Buddha’s decision to teach, the role of investigation in early Buddhism, the notion of a recluse, the relationship between tranquillity and insight, the lateness of the dictum that a woman cannot be a Buddha, the beginnings of the Abhidharma, meditation on emptiness in early Buddhism, the development of the arahant ideal, the canonical account of the founding of the order of nuns, and the relationship between karma and liberation. [Verlagsinformation]

List of Tables and Plates
DDBC Series
Ariyapariyesana-sutta (MN 26)
Cūlavedalla-sutta (MN 44)
Vīmaṃsaka-sutta (MN 47)
Mahāsakuludāyi-sutta (MN 77)
Samaṇamuṇḍika-sutta (MN 78)
Vekhanassa-sutta (MN 80)
Ghaṭikāra-sutta (MN 81)
Bāhitika-sutta (MN 88)
Āneñjasappāya-sutta (MN 106)
Chabbisodhana-sutta (MN 112)
Bahudhātuka-sutta (MN 115)
Mahācattārīsaka-sutta (MN 117)
Cūlasuññata-sutta (MN 121)
Bakkula-sutta (MN 124)
Dantabhūmi-sutta (MN 125)
Mahākaccānabhaddekaratta-sutta (MN 133)
Gotamī-sutta (AN 8.51)
Karajakāya-sutta (AN 10.208)

BHIKKHU ANĀLAYO was born in Germany in 1962 and ordained in Sri Lanka in 1995. In the year 2000 he completed a Ph.D. thesis on the Satipaṭṭhāna-sutta at the University of Peradeniya (published 2003 by Windhorse in the UK). In the year 2007 he completed a habilitation research at the University of Marburg, in which he compared the Majjhima-nikāya discourses with their Chinese, Sanskrit, and Tibetan counterparts (forthcoming with Dharma Drum Publishers in Taiwan). At present, he teaches at the Center for Buddhist Studies, University of Hamburg, and researches at Dharma Drum Buddhist College, Taiwan. Besides his academic activities, he regularly conducts meditation courses in Sri Lanka. Mitarbeiterprofil, Zentrum für Buddhismuskunde. Wikipedia [en].

Quellen: Dharma Drum Publishing Co.; Mailing-Liste "H-Buddhism", 11. Jan. 2013
Bildquelle: Dharma Drum Publishing Co.
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