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Recording the Progress of Indian History

Jafri, Saiyid Zaheer Husain [Hrsg.]:
Recording the Progress of Indian History : Symposia Papers of the Indian History Congress, 1992-2010 / edited by S. Z. H. Jafri. - Delhi : Primus Books, 2012. - xii, 546 S. : Ill.
ISBN 978-93-80607-28-3
Rs. 1495,00
DDC: 954

Recording the Progress of Indian History: Symposia Papers of the Indian History Congress, 1992-2010 is comprised of papers presented at the annual symposia of the Indian History Congress. The volume introduces ground-breaking research from a number of top Indian scholars and therefore makes a notable advancement in the fields of History and Archaeology in India. Arranged thematically under the sections People and Environment; Language Change, Education and Transmission of Knowledge; Gender History; Caste, Class, and Social Justice; Frontiers of History; Facets of Our Cultural Past; Money and Social Change; State in Indian History; and Towards Freedom-the essays by some of the most prominent historians and archaeologists in India traverse subjects that are central to the study of History in India. In their examination of primary data from a variety of sources, the contributors to this volume have pioneered inquiry into various historical themes that have come to attract much scholarly attention. In turn, they have also provided new frameworks and offered fresh and original insights on various dimensions of Indian History.
   Established in 1935, the Indian History Congress is the largest association of professional historians. In addition to the study of facets of Indian History and Archaeology, it has also sought to collaborate with many historians across the world, to promote the study in India of the history of other countries. [Verlagsinformation]


Professor S. Z. H. Jafri is Professor, Department of History, University of Delhi and Joint Secretary and Incharge, Permanent Office, Indian History Congress, Department of History, University of Delhi.

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