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Thompson, Hanne-Ruth:
Bengali / Hanne-Ruth Thompson. - Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Publishing, 2012. - xxviii, 380 S. - (London Oriental and African Language Library ; 18)
ISBN 978-90-272-3819-1
EUR 115,00 / US$ 173,00 (Hardbound)
ISBN 978-90-272-7313-0
EUR 115,00 / US$ 173,00 (eBook)
DDC: 491.445
-- Angekündigt für November 2012 --

Bangla (Bengali), an Eastern Indo-Aryan Language, is the national language of Bangladesh with 150 million speakers and the state language of Paschim Banga (West Bengal) in India with 90 million speakers. There are sizeable communities of Bengalis scattered all over the world. Altogether, the number of native speakers make Bangla the fifth or sixth largest language in the world. Like Hindi and other South Asian languages, Bangla has subject-object-verb word order, postpositions, causative and compound verbs. Unlike Hindi it has no gender.
   This volume presents a systematic overview of the language, from the sound system to parts of speech, syntactic categories to reduplicative features and some short text passages. The book is written in transliteration throughout to provide ease and convenience to non-Bengali as well as to Bengali linguists and students. In order to connect linguistic analysis with the living language, the book is furnished with plenty of real language examples, demonstrating the spirit, grace and wit of the Bangla language. [Verlagsinformation]

Preface. xv
Abbreviations. xvii
Glosses. xix
Transliteration. xxiii
1. Introduction. 1
2. Sound system. 11
3. The Bengali script. 28
4. Word formation. 36
5. Morphology. 47
6. Phrase structure. 127
7. Sentences. 185
9. Lexical features. 313
10. Beyond the sentence: Sample texts. 349
Appendices. 367
Bibliography. 376
Index. 382

HANNE-RUTH THOMPSON, SOAS London. Profile page.

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  1. Thompson, Hanne-Ruth (2012).  Bengali. London Oriental and African Language Library; 18. xxviii, 380 S.