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Multifaceted Studies in South Asian Archaeology

Pisipaty, S. Rama Krishna [Hrsg.]:
Multifaceted Studies in South Asian Archaeology : Arpitam ; Festschrift for Professor Vidula Jayaswal / ed. by S. Rama Krishna Pisipaty. - Oxford : Archaeopress, 2012. - XI, 146 S. : Ill., graph. Darst., Kt. - (BAR : International series ; 2361)
ISBN 978-1-407-30948-4
£ 30,00
DDC: 934

S. Rama Krishna Pisipaty:
Professor Vidula Jayaswal: a versatile scholar in archaeology - profile of biographical & academic achievement
Anil Kumar:
Evolution of human mind in prehistoric period
Gargi Chatterjee:
The classification of handaxes vis-à-vis their functions
Prachi Virag Sontakke:
Archaeology of grinding stones (from earliest times to Neolithic period)
Manoj Kumar:
The multiple crop cultivation and subsistence pattern of neolithic period: an explanation based on the food production strategies of the tribes of western Himalayan Region
Kantikumar A. Pawar:
An integrated approach towards the rock art of Maharashtra
V. Selvakumar:
A report on the archaeological explorations in Southern Tamil Nadu (2008-2009)
S. Rama Krishna Pisipaty:
Memorialize the dead: some observations on early traditions
Savitha Gokulraman:
Vadamangalam: a preliminary study of megalithic findings from recent survey in Tamil Nadu
Ravindra Kumar:
NBPW culture (tradition): emerging trends and issues
S. Shanmugavel:
Ceramic traditions available at Kanchipuram in southern part of India
Meera Sharma:
Themes of panels depicting Buddha in bhumisparśa mudrā of Pala Period
Meera Sharma:
Archaeology of Bhitargarh fortified site in Panchagarh District, Bangladesh
Michael A. Cremo:
Excavating the eternal: an indigenous archeological tradition in India
Arvind K. Singh:
Date of the KakanamaṬha Temple of Suhāniyā and its builder Kīrttirāja
Gokul Seshadri:
Narrative Ramayana panels at Tirumangalam Samavediswara Temple: a study
Debasmita Sarkar Bhadury:
Mahiṣāsuramardinī image of Dulmi: a prized possession of Indian Museum
Renu Bala:
The early medieval society and ornaments
Neena Thakur:
Terracotta bull figurines in Bargarh District, Orissa: an ethnographic study
Smriti Haricharan and Hema Achyuthan:
The megalithic burial potteries of Siruthavoor: micromorphology
Anjan Chakraverty:
Brocaded figural imageries from Banaras - a note
Subhash Chandra Yadav:
Buddhist Site Lumbini: a reappraisal (in Hindi)
Meera Sharma:
Ganga and Kashi: myths and scientific enquiries (in Hindi)
Arti Kumari:
Govardhandhārī Kṛṣṇa: a manifestation in myth, art & inscription (in Hindi)

Gefeierte Persönlichkeit

VIDULA JAYASWAL, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. Profile page.


S. Rama Krishna Pisipaty, Archaeology Department, SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram.

Quellen: Archaeopress; WorldCat; Blackwell's Online Bookshop; Amazon

Pisipaty: Multifaceted Studies in South Asian Archaeology, 2012