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Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia 2011 -- Vol. 43

Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia
The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia / The Oriental Society of Australia. - Vol. 43 (2011) = Australasian Sanskrit Conference Special Issue. - Sydney : Sydney University Press, 2011 [2012?].
ISSN 0030-5340
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Inhalt: 43 (2011)
A. R. Davis Memorial Lecture, 2010
Michael Walsh:
Voices from the north: linguistic connections between Asia and Aboriginal Australia
Australasian Sanskrit Conference Special Issue
Jennifer Cover:
Chris Clark:
Karma and karmavipāka in early Buddhist Avadāna literature
Jennifer Cover:
The world of appearances: a perspective from eighteenth-century India
John R. Dupuche:
Field work on the Kula Ritual in Orissa
Patrick McCartney:
Spoken Sanskrit in a Gujarat Ashram
Barbara Nelson:
Beyond free and literal: translating a Buddhist text (Bodhicaryāvatārapañjikā) from Sanskrit
Purushottama Bilimoria:
The Idea of Hindu Law
C. R. Ananth Rao:
Oral performance of ancient texts: presenting stories to contemporary audiences
Anita C. Ray:
Jhulelal, Gorakhnath and the Hindu Sindhi Diaspora
Chris Clark:
The Prasannakathā: a contribution to contemporary Sanskrit poetry
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