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Indentured Identities

Gounder, Farzana:
Indentured Identities : resistance and accommodation in plantation-era Fiji / Farzana Gounder. - Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins, 2011. - xvii, 345 S. - (Studies in narrative ; 15)
Hochschulschrift. Zugl.: Palmerston North, Massey Univ., Diss., 2011
ISBN 978-90-272-2655-6
EUR 105,00 / US$ 158,00 (Hardcover)
ISBN 978-90-272-8216-3
EUR 105,00 / US$ 158,00 (eBook)
DDC: 305.89141109611

The book explores the historical dimension of Indian indenture from within the lived experience of laborers, who emigrated to Fiji from colonial India a century ago. As these laborers are no longer alive, one could argue that the experience of indenture is no longer accessible, if there had not been recordings of the laborers' life narratives. It is seven of these audio recordings, made for public broadcast, which form the data for a fine-grained language-analysis to unearth the life-world of indenture. Through the merging of Labov's high-point analysis with Bamberg's positioning analysis, the book focuses on the situated discursive performativity of identities, and draws attention to the complex and at times conflicting positions within the life narratives. Sorting through those positions resulted in the ultimate challenge to the essentially homogenizing current master narrative discourse on who can be classified as an indentured laborer, and what signifies as an indenture experience. [Verlagsinformation]

Acknowledgements. xi
Shards of memories. xiii
List of figures, maps, pictures, tables. xv
Gloss. xvii
1. Getting acquainted with the Girmityas. 1
2. Gabriel Aiyappa's Girmit. 21
3. Behind the scenes of Girmit Gāthā. 37
4. Transposing the oral into written. 47
5. Ram Rattan Mishar's life narrative construction. 67
6. Ram Rattan Mishar's identity and agency reconstructions. 97
Restorying Girmit. 117
7. Guldhari Maharaj. 119
8. Ram Sundar Maharaj. 133
9. Jasoda Ramdin. 149
10. Ram Dulhari. 183
11. Ghori Gosai Part 1. 211
12. Ghori Gosai Part 2. 275
13. Constructing 'I' through the life narrative. 299
14. Conclusions and beginnings. 315
References. 325
Index. 341

FARZANA GOUNDER, International Pacific College, Palmerston North (NZ)

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