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IIJBS 2011 -- 12

The Indian international journal of Buddhist studies / Editors: Lalji 'Shravak' [u.a.]. - Vol. 12 (2011). - Varanasi : BJK Institute of Buddhist & Asian Studies, 2011.
ISSN 0972-4893

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Inhalt: 11 (2010)
1. Guang Xing:
Avalokiteśvara in China. 1
2. Mario D’Amato, and Robert T. Moore:
The Specter of Nihilism: On Hegel on Buddhism. 23
3. K. T. S. Sarao:
Brāhmaṇical-Hindu and Buddhist Conversions to Islam in India: An Examination of General Trends with Special Reference to Eastern India. 51
4. Wolfgang Schumann:
Who was Uddaka Rāmaputta? - An Answer. 71
5. Tomoko Makidono:
Ka' thog Dge rtse Mahāpaṇḍita’s Doxographical Position: The Great Madhyamaka of Other-Emptiness (gzhan stong dbu ma chen po). 77
6. Wei Shan:
Conflicts and Fusions of Ideas during the Introduction of Buddhism from India to China. 121
7. Charles Willemen:
From Funan to Jiangnan. 141
8. Ven. Analayo:
Śakra and the Destruction of Craving – A Case Study in the Role of Śakra in Early Buddhism. 157

Quellen: Mitteilung von R. R. Jackson, Mailing-Liste "H-Buddhism", 10. Sept. 2011