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Tackling the Morality of History

Hoydis, Julia:
"Tackling the Morality of History" : Ethics and Storytelling in the Works of Amitav Ghosh / Julia Hoydis. - Heidelberg : Winter, 2011. - II, 375 S. - (Anglistische Forschungen ; 414)
Hochschulschrift. Zugl.: Köln, Univ., Diss., 2010
ISBN 978-3-8253-5844-0
EUR 58,00
DDC: 823.914

Amitav Ghosh is one of India's most eminent literary voices. The wide array of themes, times and places covered in his narratives deserves critical attention. The author's interest in science, anthropology, historiography, and the travelling of people and ideas suggest an approach which highlights the concern with border-crossings and the excavation of 'other' histories.
   Encompassing all of Ghosh's fictions from the early experimental novels like The Circle of Reason and The Calcutta Chromosome to the later epics like The Glass Palace and Sea of Poppies, this study offers a reading focusing on the intrinsic link between ethics and storytelling. Positioning itself in relation to the ethical turn within postcolonial and postmodern criticism, it employs K. A. Appiah's cosmopolitanism and Levinas' ethics of alterity in a framework revealing the syncretic (hi)stories which potentially undo the partition of peoples, nations, or faiths while seeking a neo-humanist, global outlook. [Verlagsinformation]

Introduction. 11
   1. The Ethics of Historiography. 23
   2. Facing the Literary Other. 73
   3. The Ethics of Research: Deconstructing Concepts/Writing Alternative (Hi)stories. 121
   4. The Ethics of Memory: 'Remembering the Stories We Haven't Written'/Telling 'Forgotten' Stories. 223
Conclusion and Outlook: Sea of Poppies. 327
Bibliography. 349

JULIA HOYDIS, Universität Köln, Englisches Seminar. Profilseite.

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