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Lexicon of Tibetan Verb Stems

Hill, Nathan W.:
Lexicon of Tibetan verb stems as reported by the grammatical tradition / Nathan W. Hill. - München : Kommission für zentral- und ostasiatische Studien, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2010. - xxxiv, 349 S. - (Studia Tibetica ; 5)
ISBN 978-3-7696-1004-8
EUR 58,00
DDC: 495.456; 495.43

This lexicon systematically presents the primary verb stems of Classical Tibetan as recorded in nine sources spanning the seventeenth to twentieth centuries. The currently available dictionaries frequently and inexplicably differ as to the four stems of the Tibetan verb. This work serves as a first step in reconciling these conflicting reports and also provides a comprehensive survey of modern scholarship on the Tibetan verbal system. An index of every orthographic form appearing in the text facilitates easy access. Not only does the dictionary stand as an important milestone in the study of the Tibetan verbal system, but it is also an invaluable resource for students and readers of Classical Tibetan.


NATHAN W. HILL, Senior Lector in Tibetan, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Profile page.

Quellen: Kommission für zentral- und ostasiatische Studien; SOAS Eprints