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Bodhasāra : an eighteenth century Sanskrit treasure / by Narahari ; transl. by Jennifer and Grahame Cover with contributions from Kanchan Mande. - [Charleston, SC?] : CreateSpace, 2010. - ca. 582 S.
Einheitssachtitel: Bodhasāra <Sanskrit, engl.>
Hochschulschrift. Teilw. zugl.: Sidney, Univ., Diss., 2008 unter dem Titel: Bodhasāra by Narahari : an eighteenth century Sanskrit treasure
ISBN 978-1-4537-7567-7 / 1-4537-7567-6
US$ 37,00 (Amazon)
DDC: 181.482

Bodhasara by Narahari is a fine example of wisdom literature enlivened by the renaissance spirit evident in India during the pre-colonial eighteenth century. While honoring the ancient principles of Vedic, Tantric and Yogic traditions, Narahari speaks with a modern voice, full of confidence and intelligence. Bodhasara is a Sanskrit treasure and a fine example of the power of this language. Narahari's aim is to convey the experience of jivanmukti, liberation while living. Long held to be too elusive for words to describe, Narahari employs a powerful and poetic command of Sanskrit to achieve his aim. Bodhasara is reasoned and poetic, learned and irreverent, sarcastic and playful, thoughtful and humorous. Eschewing didactic instruction, Narahari shows you the world through his eyes, via intertwined threads of personal understanding and poetic imagery. He is fearless about discarding worthless adherence to form and ever confident in the natural purity of existence. In Bodhasara you will not find a new teaching about jivanmukti. But read the whole work and you may find Narahari has taken you by the hand and led you to its very edge. This book contains the source Sanskrit text by Narahari in both Devanagiri and Roman scripts, along with the English translation. [Laut Amazon]

NARAHARI, author of the 18th century Sanskrit text Bodhasara, has left not the least historical trace. The details of his life are a mystery.

JENNIFER COVER has been studying and reading Sanskrit texts in Australia and India for over 30 years, with a particular interest in Advaita Vedanta literature. She is inspired by both the beauty of the Sanskrit language and the philosophical and cultural content of its literature. The exploration of Bodhasara has sparked in her an abiding interest in Sanskrit and English poetics. Her husband, GRAHAME, also learned in Advaita Vedanta, is of the view that fine Sanskrit should be rendered into fine English, both languages being capable of great beauty. Together they refined Jennifer's initial translation of Bodhasara, the first into English submitted for her doctorate at the University of Sydney, to produce an English work worthy of Narahari's poetic skills.

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