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Three Prakrit Grammars

Verbeke, Saartje:
Three Prakrit grammars / by Saartje Verbeke. - Mumbai : Hindi Granth Karyalay, 2010. - 131 S. - (Pandit Nathuram Premi research series ; 35)
ISBN 978-81-88769-55-1
Rs. 300,00
US$ 15,05 (D.K. Agencies)
US$ 19,80 (Bagchee)
DDC: 491.3

For Indian grammarians as well as for Western scholars Prakrit represents an important stage in the development of Indo-Aryan. The Prakrit languages are since long the subject of grammatical descriptions composed for various purposes, which range from religious motivation to the more secular intention of using Prakrit in plays and poetry. The book "Three Prakrit Grammars" highlights the works of three Indian grammarians, Mārkaṇḍeya, Puruṣottamadeva and Rāmaśarman. Each of them composed a Prakrit grammar in Sanskrit between the 12th and 17th century. The authors belonged all to the Eastern School of Prakrit grammar. The mutual influence between the grammarians is clear from the order of their grammatical rules and from their choice to incorporate many illustrative examples from existing plays.
   The book offers an introduction on grammatical studies in the Indian history and a description of the various Prakrits. A short biography of the authors in question completes the introduction. The chapters of the Prakrit languages Prācyā, Āvantī, Māgadhī and Paiśācī are translated and analyzed, in order to compare the similarities and differences between the styles and content of the three Prakrit grammars. [Via インドアでインド - Rivertop]

The author, SAARTJE VERBEKE, is currently working on her doctoral research on the ergative construction of Indo-Aryan languages from syntactical and semantic viewpoints at Gent University, Belgium. While she works with Prakrit and Sanskrit, and studies their grammatical and literary developmental aspects, another area of interest for her is the study of Marvari, Assamese, Kashmiri and Nepali. This book was originally written as a Master’s thesis. Profile page.

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