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Globalization of Language and Culture in Asia

Vaish, Viniti (Hrsg.):
Globalization of Language and Culture in Asia : the Impact of Globalization Processes on Language / ed. by Viniti Vaish. - London ; New York : Continuum International Publishing Group, 2010. - ca. 256 S. - (Advances in Sociolinguistics)
ISBN 978-1-8470-6183-6
£ 75,00
DDC: 306.44095

The impact of globalization processes on language is an emergent field in sociolinguistics. To date there has not been an in-depth look at this in Asia, although Asia includes the two most populous globalizing economies of the world, India and China.
   Covering the major themes in the field of globalization and language, this book will take a look at topics such as English emerging as the medium of instruction for subjects like mathematics and science. Another theme is the rise of Mandarin as a potentially 'global' language networking the Chinese diaspora. The cultural contexts of Asia, specifically the Sinic, Hindu and Islamic civililizations give the processes of globalization and language a unique dimension. [Verlagsinformation]

Notes on Contributors. vii
1. Viniti Vaish: Introduction: Globalization of Language and Culture in Asia. 1
2. Goh Yeng Seng & Lim Seok Lai: Global Mandarin. 14
3. Sa'eda Buang: Muslim education and globalization: the Re-(de)positioning of languages and curriculum content in Southeast Asia. 34
3. Masakazu Iino: Language Idealism and Realism in Globalization - exploring homogeneity beliefs in Japan. 61
4. Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew: Linguistic Capital, Study Mothers and the Transnational Family in Singapore. 82
5. Kaushalya Parera and Suresh Canagarajah: Globalization and English Teaching in Sri Lanka: Foreign Resources and Local Responses. 106
6. Viniti Vaish: Pedagogy, Culture and Globalization in India. 120
7. Shouhui Zhao: Flows of Technology: Mandarin in Cyberspace. 139
8. Mihyon Jeon: Globalization and South Korea’s EPIK (English Program in Korea). 161
9. Saran Kaur Gill, Radha M. K. Nambiar, Noraini Ibrahim, Tan Kim Hua: Globalization and Language-in-Education Policy Shift in Malaysia: Challenges of Implementation. 180
10. Indika Liyanage: Globalization: Medium of Instruction Policy, Indigeneous Educational System and ELT in Sri Lanka. 206
Index. 231

VINITI VAISH is Assistant Professor in the Centre for Research and Pedagogy at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Profile page.

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