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Banārasīdāsa (1586-1643):
Dhyānabattīsī : 32 steps to self-realisation / by Banarasidas. Introduction and Engl. transl. by Jerome Petit. - Mumbai : Hindi Granth Karyalay, 2010. - 24 S. - (Pandit Nathuram Premi Research Series ; 31)
Einheitssachtitel: Dhyānabattīsī <engl.>
ISBN 978-81-88769-48-3
Rs. 50,00

Banarasidas (1586 - 1643) was a lay spiritualist. He was a trader and a poet from Jaunpur. He wrote the first autobiography in an Indian language, and a group of philosophical poems to which Dhyānabattīsī belongs. He exposes here, in a succinct but structured manner, the different categories of meditation in 34 stanzas, and not in 32 stanzas as we could expect reading the title of the text. Before that, he discusses the so important difference between a conventional point of view (vyavahāra-naya) and an absolute point of view (niścaya-naya), expounding the four elements of the discipline that a good human being should particularly aim for: giving alms, virtuous conduct, practice of asceticism and meditation.
   This short text shows the reader how a seventeenth-century spiritual practitioner perceives the path of liberation through the technique of meditation whose roots plunged in ancient time.
   The original verse is in Old Hindi. This is followed by a lucid reader-friendly English translation by Jerome Petit, a student at the Sorbonne, Paris under Prof. Dr. Nalini Balbir.

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